Words From Howard Stern

Great snippet from the Howard Stern Radio Show on gays.  February 2012

ROBIN:   This country is getting really crazy though.  I was just reading this morning that there’s a whole group that wanted JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres because she’s gay?

HOWARD:   Well I got news for you.  First of all, I’m proud of JC Penney….

ROBIN:    Yeah.

HOWARD: …for not buckling.  Although who knows, you know, we’ll see what happens.  I am not the world’s biggest Ellen DeGeneres fan, but I’ll tell you what, I will defend her to the end.  If JC Penney fires Ellen DeGeneres I will call on all my listeners to boycott JC Penney.  I will do everything I can for Ellen DeGeneres.  I am so outraged by people going into any public forum in this year 2012 and saying, “Ellen doesn’t represent us.  Ellen doesn’t represent families.  And we shoppers at JC Penney don’t approve of her.”  I mean you’ve got to fucking be kidding me.  I got to say it again.  What person on this planet doesn’t have a relative, or a family member or a friend, that is or might be gay?  What do you want these people to do?  Do you really want Ellen to go away?  Do you want her to die?

ROBIN:  Do you want her living on the street unable to make a living?

HOWARD:   Do you want a public flogging of this woman?  I got to tell you something….

ROBIN:   Do you want her to force herself to be with a man to make YOU happy?

HOWARD:  I am a huge fan of Rolling Stone magazine.  I make no secret about that.  I love the magazine.  I guess it comes out every two weeks or a month, but whenever I get it, I read it.  On the cover are the people from “The voice”.  They do an interesting article about the reality show, “The Voice.”

ROBIN:  Okay.

HOWARD:  But inside there’s a story on Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney that’s just fucking great.  And then there’s an article on what’s going on out in Middle America with these anti-homosexual groups and how its affecting teens and teen suicide of gay people.  Two lovely girls like 14 years old, they profile, who are friends, and their both gay High School girls.  One’s a chubby cute little girl, really outgoing. And you know in these small towns, they have these groups there like “No Homo” it’s called, and these women…

ROBIN:  Oh (laughs) they actually named themselves!

HOWARD: …and these middle class women look like responsible PTA moms, they go around and openly just instigate this kind of weird gay bashing.  Where their like, “These kids are Satan.  These kids have to be saved.  These kids have to go to church and be converted to heterosexual.”  They make these kids so miserable that their killing themselves.  And when you read this Rolling Stone article, and unfortunately one of the girls commits suicide, just kills herself.  Beautiful 14 year old girl.  Parents are destroyed, because this girl, they kept telling her in school, “Your Satan!  Your the devil!  Your Satan!…”

ROBIN:   “Your sick! Your sick!”

HOWARD: …and they come home and they go, “Mom maybe I really am the Devil”  And when you hear it your whole life, you start to believe it.  You truly do.  The amount of shit that gay people take I, now…the amazing thing to me, I’m watching these debates, the Republican debates.  And by the way this also goes for my President.  I’m not to thrilled with him and his stance on gays. He should just come out for gay marriage, but he won’t do it, he’s worried.  But this Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, they are the two worst people on the planet.  They get up wherever they can and they still feel comfortable getting up in front of an audience in 2012 and fucking saying shit about gays.  About how they shouldn’t get married.  They feel no qualm about putting out this kind of bigotry!  Now Hitler put this kind of shit out in pre-World War II in Germany in Beer Halls.  If the entire Beer Hall had gotten up and beaten the shit out of Hitler and kicked him in the face, you wouldn’t have had World War II, you wouldn’t have had any problems.  The idea that Rick Santorum and this Michele Bachmann get up in an auditorium full of people and start to spew this horse shit about gay people….

ROBIN:   And no one says anything.

HOWARD:   Say anything?  They applaud!  There should be shoes flying.  They should be drummed out of the country.  Wherever they go they should be spat upon.  If that happened, it would be glorious because…I’m not advocating violence you understand….but I’m saying…

ROBIN:   But they should be ignored! Shunned!

HOWARD: ….Ignored.  Shunned.  And treated as lunatics.  Because that’s bullshit!  It’s just bullshit.  If it was blacks.  If it was jews.  If it was any…Catholics..anybody getting up in there and saying, “I don’t think these people should be allowed.”  And this Rick Santorum with the fucking vest, he’s standing there and he acts like he doesn’t know any gay people and he’s full of shit that he’s gonna convert them.  He says this crap about them.  Michele Bachmann’s wearing her designer outfit that a gay man probably designed….

ROBIN:   Right.

HOWARD: …I don’t know how these fuckers are able to walk around the street with any kind of dignity.

ROBIN: It’s because there’s the million mom group…

HOWARD: What’s it called?

ROBIN: One million moms or something.

HOWARD: One Million Moms and what’s their slogan, “No homo….”  I wish I had the Rolling Stone article in front of me.

ROBIN: Yeah.

HOWARD: “No homo momo” or something.  Some dumb fucking slogan!

ROBIN: “Homo Nomo!”

HOWARD: Yeah, “Homo Nomo” and you see this woman who heads it up.  There’s a picture of her.  She looks like a Soccer mom, like a mom whose around my age who should’ve grown up and learned something in the 60’s and 70’s.  But when Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann get up there and the crowd doesn’t boo…they should’ve been thrown off the stage, like it’s outrageous as anything Hitler used to say.  And it’s still allowable.  It’s still an accepted bigotry.  And the Catholic Church does it.  And Orthodox Jews do it.  And our politicians do it.  They all blast gays and they still think its okay!  Read the article in Rolling Stone if you want to get enlightened.  You’ll just get outraged.  This guy, Rick Santorum, he walks around like Mr. America!  “I’m a good Christian and you should vote for me for values and good Conservative values.”  Throw him off the fucking stage with Michele Bachmann!  And let them both fucking sit there and when they go to a restaurant hope that they don’t get served by gay people.  And when they go to a clothing store don’t buy any articles of clothing from gay people….

ROBIN: Don’t give them these ideas, they might actually try it. (laughs)

HOWARD: …Yeah, good, don’t do it.  It’s unbelievable I mean come on.  We got one shot at life.  As far as I know you don’t come back again.  You want to make some 14 year old girl kill herself?  What are you fucking nuts?  What have we gone beserk?  There’s a guy in New Jersey, Corey uh—

ROBIN:   Corey Booker?!

HOWARD:   There’s a great explanation about gay marriage and why he’s for it.  I don’t know much about Corey Booker, but Jesus Christ the guy is well spoken and I was a real fan of that clip I saw.  Listen, it’s hard enough getting through life.  In America, you’re still allowed to get your fucking ass kicked everyday by fucking Middle Class Soccer Moms who are gonna sit there and…

ROBIN:  and what it is is….

HOWARD: …because their so fucking ugly and they can’t get laid.  There gonna sit there and take it out on gay teens….

ROBIN:  But its scapegoating, it’s exactly what it is, its scapegoating.  “My life sucks and it’s all your fault.”

HOWARD: …and whose to blame?  The only one that can get away with it is gays and it’s got to stop!  It’s got to stop.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  I mean, come on!  But wow when you read what’s going on in these schools, these small schools, where these gay kids are out of the closet and suddenly they get the shit beaten out of them every day.  It’s like wow does there got to be that much torture?

ROBIN:  Or if you’re closeted just like the guy at Rutgers, you know, who was trying to quietly live his life and he was outed.

HOWARD: …I got to tell you, there was a couple years of my life that were no picnic.  I was ostracized for being white, which is so bizarre, but what a bizarre story in this country right?  Ok.  I mean holy mackerel, I’ve seen hate, and I know what its like to go to school everyday feeling like your going to throw up, and pretty sure you’re going to end up in a fight at least twice.  At least two times a day.  And I know what that’s like and believe me I don’t know where I got my mental toughness to survive it.  I did.  It’s a miracle.

ROBIN: But everybody doesn’t come with that.

HOWARD: That’s right.  Not everybody comes with that mental…uh who knows maybe I’m mental.

ROBIN:  Yeah. (laughs)  That’s what I was saying, maybe you’re mentally ill.

HOWARD:  (laughs) Maybe my mental illness got me through it.


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