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Madonna fights a revolution against bigotry and intolerance

“Early days of the Revolution before Haters could use the internet to hide behind there anonymous displays of bigotry and intolerance!” -Madonna

"Early days of the Revolution before Haters could use the internet to hide behind there anonymous displays of bigotry and intolerance!" -Madonna


That is a catchphrase that’s often associated with me. I made a documentary film with this title, and it has stuck to me like flypaper ever since. It’s a fun game to play if you’re in the mood to take risks, and usually I am. However, you have to play with a clever group of people. Otherwise you’ll find yourself French-kissing everyone in the room or giving blow jobs to Evian bottles!

People usually choose “truth” when it’s their turn because you can tell a lie about yourself and no one will be the wiser, but when you are dared to do something, you have to actually do it. And doing something daring is a rather scary proposition for most people. Yet for some strange reason, it has become my raison d’être.

If I can’t be daring in my work or the way I live my life, then I don’t really see the point of being on this planet.

That may sound rather extremist, but growing up in a suburb in the Midwest was all I needed to understand that the world was divided into two categories: people who followed the status quo and played it safe, and people who threw convention out the window and danced to the beat of a different drum. I hurled myself into the second category, and soon discovered that being a rebel and not conforming doesn’t make you very popular. In fact, it does the opposite. You are viewed as a suspicious character. A troublemaker. Someone dangerous.

When you’re 15, this can feel a little uncomfortable. Teenagers want to fit in on one hand and be rebellious on the other. Drinking beer and smoking weed in the parking lot of my high school was not my idea of being rebellious, because that’s what everybody did. And I never wanted to do what everybody did. I thought it was cooler to not shave my legs or under my arms. I mean, why did God give us hair there anyways? Why didn’t guys have to shave there? Why was it accepted in Europe but not in America? No one could answer my questions in a satisfactory manner, so I pushed the envelope even further. I refused to wear makeup and tied scarves around my head like a Russian peasant. I did the opposite of what all the other girls were doing, and I turned myself into a real man repeller. I dared people to like me and my nonconformity.

That didn’t go very well. Most people thought I was strange. I didn’t have many friends; I might not have had any friends. But it all turned out good in the end, because when you aren’t popular and you don’t have a social life, it gives you more time to focus on your future. And for me, that was going to New York to become a REAL artist. To be able to express myself in a city of nonconformists. To revel and shimmy and shake in a world and be surrounded by daring people.

New York wasn’t everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms. The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back, and had my apartment broken into three times. I don’t know why; I had nothing of value after they took my radio the first time.

The tall buildings and the massive scale of New York took my breath away. The sizzling-hot sidewalks and the noise of the traffic and the electricity of the people rushing by me on the streets was a shock to my neurotransmitters. I felt like I had plugged into another universe. I felt like a warrior plunging my way through the crowds to survive. Blood pumping through my veins, I was poised for survival. I felt alive.

But I was also scared shitless and freaked out by the smell of piss and vomit everywhere, especially in the entryway of my third-floor walk-up.

And all the homeless people on the street. This wasn’t anything I prepared for in Rochester, Michigan. Trying to be a professional dancer, paying my rent by posing nude for art classes, staring at people staring at me naked. Daring them to think of me as anything but a form they were trying to capture with their pencils and charcoal. I was defiant. Hell-bent on surviving. On making it. But it was hard and it was lonely, and I had to dare myself every day to keep going. Sometimes I would play the victim and cry in my shoe box of a bedroom with a window that faced a wall, watching the pigeons shit on my windowsill. And I wondered if it was all worth it, but then I would pull myself together and look at a postcard of Frida Kahlo taped to my wall, and the sight of her mustache consoled me. Because she was an artist who didn’t care what people thought. I admired her. She was daring. People gave her a hard time. Life gave her a hard time. If she could do it, then so could I.

When you’re 25, it’s a little bit easier to be daring, especially if you are a pop star, because eccentric behavior is expected from you. By then I was shaving under my arms, but I was also wearing as many crucifixes around my neck as I could carry, and telling people in interviews that I did it because I thought Jesus was sexy. Well, he was sexy to me, but I also said it to be provocative. I have a funny relationship with religion. I’m a big believer in ritualistic behavior as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. But I’m not a big fan of rules. And yet we cannot live in a world without order. But for me, there is a difference between rules and order. Rules people follow without question. Order is what happens when words and actions bring people together, not tear them apart. Yes, I like to provoke; it’s in my DNA. But nine times out of 10, there’s a reason for it.

At 35, I was divorced and looking for love in all the wrong places. I decided that I needed to be more than a girl with gold teeth and gangster boyfriends. More than a sexual provocateur imploring girls not to go for second-best baby. I began to search for meaning and a real sense of purpose in life. I wanted to be a mother, but I realized that just because I was a freedom fighter didn’t mean I was qualified to raise a child. I decided I needed to have a spiritual life. That’s when I discovered Kabbalah.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I’m afraid that cliché applied to me as well. That was the next daring period of my life. In the beginning I sat at the back of the classroom. I was usually the only female. Everyone looked very serious. Most of the men wore suits and kippahs. No one noticed me and no one seemed to care, and that suited me just fine. What the teacher was saying blew my mind. Resonated with me. Inspired me. We were talking about God and heaven and hell, but I didn’t feel like religious dogma was being shoved down my throat. I was learning about science and quantum physics. I was reading Aramaic. I was studying history. I was introduced to an ancient wisdom that I could apply to my life in a practical way. And for once, questions and debate were encouraged. This was my kind of place.

When the world discovered I was studying Kabbalah, I was accused of joining a cult. I was accused of being brainwashed. Of giving away all my money. I was accused of all sorts of crazy things. If I became a Buddhist—put an altar in my house and started chanting “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”—no one would have bothered me at all. I mean no disrespect to Buddhists, but Kabbalah really freaked people out. It still does. Now, you would think that studying the mystical interpretation of the Old Testament and trying to understand the secrets of the universe was a harmless thing to do. I wasn’t hurting anybody. Just going to class, taking notes in my spiral notebook, contemplating my future. I was actually trying to become a better person.

For some reason, that made people nervous. It made people mad. Was I doing something dangerous? It forced me to ask myself, Is trying to have a relationship with God daring? Maybe it is.

When I was 45, I was married again, with two children and living in England. I consider moving to a foreign country to be a very daring act. It wasn’t easy for me. Just because we speak the same language doesn’t mean we speak the same language. I didn’t understand that there was still a class system. I didn’t understand pub culture. I didn’t understand that being openly ambitious was frowned upon. Once again I felt alone. But I stuck it out and I found my way, and I grew to love English wit, Georgian architecture, sticky toffee pudding, and the English countryside. There is nothing more beautiful than the English countryside.

Then I decided that I had an embarrassment of riches and that there were too many children in the world without parents or families to love them. I applied to an international adoption agency and went through all the bureaucracy, testing, and waiting that everyone else goes through when they adopt. As fate would have it, in the middle of this process a woman reached out to me from a small country in Africa called Malawi, and told me about the millions of children orphaned by AIDS. Before you could say “Zikomo Kwambiri,” I was in the airport in Lilongwe heading to an orphanage in Mchinji, where I met my son David. And that was the beginning of another daring chapter of my life. I didn’t know that trying to adopt a child was going to land me in another shit storm. But it did. I was accused of kidnapping, child trafficking, using my celebrity muscle to jump ahead in the line, bribing government officials, witchcraft, you name it. Certainly I had done something illegal!

This was an eye-opening experience. A real low point in my life. I could get my head around people giving me a hard time for simulating masturbation onstage or publishing my Sex book, even kissing Britney Spears at an awards show, but trying to save a child’s life was not something I thought I would be punished for. Friends tried to cheer me up by telling me to think of it all as labor pains that we all have to go through when we give birth. This was vaguely comforting. In any case, I got through it. I survived.

When I adopted Mercy James, I put my armor on. I tried to be more prepared. I braced myself. This time I was accused by a female Malawian judge that because I was divorced, I was an unfit mother. I fought the supreme court and I won. It took almost another year and many lawyers. I still got the shit kicked out of me, but it didn’t hurt as much. And looking back, I do not regret one moment of the fight.

One of the many things I learned from all of this: If you aren’t willing to fight for what you believe in, then don’t even enter the ring.

Ten years later, here I am, divorced and living in New York. I have been blessed with four amazing children. I try to teach them to think outside the box. To be daring. To choose to do things because they are the right thing to do, not because everybody else is doing them. I have started making films, which is probably the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. I am building schools for girls in Islamic countries and studying the Qur’an. I think it is important to study all the holy books. As my friend Yaman always tells me, a good Muslim is a good Jew, and a good Jew is a good Christian, and so forth. I couldn’t agree more. To some people this is a very daring thought.

As life goes on (and thank goodness it has), the idea of being daring has become the norm for me. Of course, this is all about perception because asking questions, challenging people’s ideas and belief systems, and defending those who don’t have a voice have become a part of my everyday life. In my book, it is normal.

In my book, everyone is doing something daring. Please open this book. I dare you.


Pictured above: Going to battle. Dress, Reem Acra Couture. Mask and shoulder piece, Idriss Guelai Atelier. Earrings, Lynn Ban. Harness, Zana Bayne.

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Madonna’s sold out successful MDNA Tour is available on DVD and on a 2-disc CD

Madonna’s infamous studded MDNA Tour is available on DVD and sold separately is a 2-disc CD of the entire concert.   Madonna’s MDNA Tour was an immense success at the box office. It was dubbed as the highest-grossing tour of 2012 by Billboard. The tour grossed $305.2 million from 88 sold-out shows, becoming the tenth highest-grossing tour of all time and surpassing Celine Dion‘s Taking Chances Tour as the second highest-grossing tour among female artists, behind Madonna’s own Sticky & Sweet Tour. Madonna broke the record for occupying the top two highest-grossing female tours of all time.  Although she performs many songs from her MDNA album, regardless the show is an incredible spectacle to watch.  The 54 year old commands the stage with precision and athleticism.  You will be entertained.

Madonna described the tour as “the journey of a soul from darkness to light”. It was divided into four sections: Transgression, where guns and violence was the main theme, Prophecy, where a mix of joyful songs that bring people together are performed, Masculine/Feminine, a combination of sensuality and fashion with a few of Madonna’s classic songs performed in a French Cabaret-style, and Redemption, which Madonna labeled as “a big party and celebration”. The tour has received positive reception and critical acclaim and put Madonna as the top earning celebrity for 2012.


Buy 2 disc CD

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Madonna and Miley Cyrus shatter records despite the public’s negative comments

The country is in a typical uproar over a performance by Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s.  The lynch mob is out again in droves calling her Satan and that her career is over.  But is it?  Not so much as one source put it, “What people are saying is one thing, but what people are paying is another.”  Meaning, Miley Cyrus’ numbers just increased.  100,000 more likes on Facebook and another 100,000 on Instagram and Twitter.  Her previous single and her latest single both rose to the top 5 of the charts the day AFTER her shocking VMA performance.  Her single, “We Can’t Stop” rose back up into the top 5 singles sales charts and “Wrecking Ball” rose to #2!  She was grinding against Robin Thicke on stage which had America in a tizzy.  His song “Blurred Lines” rose to #4.   In the end, this hasn’t exactly hurt her career, since everyone’s pocket book always speaks louder.  It tends to be the opposite of what everyone is commenting negatively on.

Madonna is no stranger to controversy as she brings out the lynch mob no matter what she does.  Last year in 2012, the lynch mob vermin was out again in droves on the comment boards calling her grandma, old lady, she should just die and her career is over she peaked decades ago.  Regardless of this, it’s been announced that she is the #1 entertainer money earner in 2012 despite her album MDNA not being as successful as her others.   However, her MDNA tour showed that she could put on a killer show which is rare these days.  You know that when Madonna takes the stage you’re going to be entertained.  The woman knows how to rock an arena at every tour.  The public knows this and it spoke volumes as they went in droves to watch her on the stage in action while buying her earlier classics.  This propelled her to the #1 entertainer money earner for 2012.  The bottom line is she’s still got it three decades later.

This only proves that those who spend their time behind a computer screen venting negatively about someone does nothing to anyone but themselves.  It certainly hasn’t hurt the career of these women in particular.  You’re basically preaching to the void and sending out negative energy into the ethers.  This lowers your own vibration to a super low degree which in turn is a perfect breeding ground for major diseases.  Be careful how you behave and what you say, because it will backfire and be brought into your life to the tenth power.  Remember that famous saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”

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Madonna on the Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012; Discusses Ellen’s coming out gay.

When Madonna made it to Los Angeles on her MDNA tour in October 2012, she swung by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Although she had appeared via satellite on her show before, she had never actually been to the set.  In the show, Ellen talks about how she publicly came out and got nasty hate mail, but Madonna had contacted her to give her an optimistic pep talk that changed her.

Here is that full show:

Madonna is one of the few living legend entertainers left in the world.  The days of movie stars and great entertainers are over.   A movie star can no longer open a movie the way it used to be.  Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen ruled the 80’s and continued to maintain an iconic status.    It’s the last of them as we move into a new age.  Now we have rehashed stars as talented as they are, they will never achieve what the others did or be as memorable in a decade.

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Ellen DeGeneres thanks Madonna for supporting her when she came out as gay

When Ellen first came out, Madonna reached out to her and offered her some inspiring advice that Ellen remembers to this day. The two talked about it for the first time on the show.

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Madonna’s MDNA tour 2012 gets positive raving reviews from critics despite the negative press among petty gossip columnists

It’s no surprise that gossip columnists and couch critics get a high by posting negativity rather than focusing on the positive when it comes to Madonna.  We will focus on the positive which far outweighs the negative and if they were doing their job they would’ve accurately reported the truth.   The reviews for the Madonna MDNA tour have been positive and in abundance.

Critical reaction to the MDNA Tour has been mostly all positive reviews.  The New York Times wrote, “Madonna and her team do know how to dazzle.”[66] New York Daily News called the show “an idea-intensive, message-packed riddle wrapped in an enigma that must be seen to be believed,” arguing that the show’s risky artistry “deserves praise.”[67] A journalist from The Jerusalem Post described the show in Tel Aviv as an “assault on the senses”. He further comments, “Despite the confused ideas underlying the performance, it’s difficult to imagine somebody not enjoying a Madonna concert. Say what you will about the Kabbalah-studying, gun-toting, fashionista of pop music – and everyone has something to say – but the woman knows how to put on a good show”.[68] Berliner Morgenpost wrote: “Madonna live in 2012 is still magical and unmatched,” [69] Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia said “the blonde ambition lights up with her art and magic a packed Palau Sant Jordi,” [70] while newspaper El País said “Madonna shows her intelligence, femininity and elegance in a danceable and spectacular show,” [69][71] 

Shirley Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “With three decades of superstardom under her belt, Madonna has pretty much perfected the art of mass entertainment with a hint of scandal. So it should come as no surprise, even in the Holy Land, that her show would open with a giant cross, the clang of a church bell and cloaked clergymen”; while the show was given a positive review, the fact that the tour contains many songs from the MDNA album was criticized.[72] Saeed Saeed from The National states the performance in Abu Dhabi saw Madonna “bearing her soul”. He says, “While her previous Sticky and Sweet tour saw her lightly poking fun at herself and her various musical guises throughout the years, this concert was at times brutally dark and suffocating and as much an emotional exorcism as a performance”.[73] Ingo Schmidt from WDR 2 gave a positive review of the show in Cologne, Germany. Calling Madonna “provocative and sexy”, he writes: “Madonna has substantiated her claim to the title of “Queen of Pop” and that “she surprised her enthusiastic audience erotically and provocatively.” He also noted that “she dominates even after 30 years on stage.”[74] Neil McCormick from The Daily Telegraph assessed the concert, assigning it 4 out of 5 stars, and wrote, “[t]he real highlight of this show was a stripped back version of ‘Like A Virgin’… Madonna proved herself more than equal to be challenge of all her young pretenders”.[75] 

Kat Keogh from Birmingham Mail gave a positive review at the performance in Birmingham. Giving the performance 4 out of 5 stars, she reveals: “Thousands of fans gave a regal welcome as her Madgesty took the stage”, that “the pure theatre of her performance was enough to sustain the 11,000 strong audience” and “the feel good classics proved why the 53 year old is the original and the best.”[76] Madonna’s performance in Edinburgh also received generally positive reviews. Beverley Lyons from Daily Record stated: “Madonna’s still in Vogue with fans” and “this was a remarkable show – and a night when we saw a softer side to the Queen of Pop.”[77] 

Madonna’s sold out performance in Zurich, Switzerland also received positive reviews. Critics praised the show stating: “Madonna makes Swiss fans happy again four years after the Sticky & Sweet Tour. They also noted how “the pop-giantess delivered a perfectly choreographed show, leaving space for political messages” and “Madonna’s achievements in the music industry not negotiable.” [78]Madonna’s performances in the United States have been met with critical acclaim. During her performance in Philadelphia, Glenn Gamboa from Newsday wrote that “her latest reinvention might be her most revealing yet” because “her wild, nearly two-hour show is closest to reflecting her current state of mind, while building yet another artistic, well-choreographed slacklining spectacle.”[79] Marc-André Lemieux from Le Journal de Montréal gave a positive view of her performance in Montreal, writing: “the indestructible icon has proposed a concert sometimes dark, sometimes light, but always entertaining and challenging” and commenting that the show is “a fascinating exercise that reflects the journey of a pop singer who has reached her full artistic maturity.”[80] 

Ottawa Citizen named her “[a]n entertainer who, admittedly, outdoes all her imitators and progeny when it comes to dancefloor pop – a point made clear when she slyly incorporated Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” into “Express Yourself”. And such hits as “Like a Prayer”, sung near the end of the set, might even have been a religious experience for some 16,000 adoring fans” in Montreal.[81] Sarah Rodman from Boston Globe praised her performance in Boston at the TD Garden writing: “the truly, remarkably indefatigable pop superstar powered her way through a performance just shy of two hours and heavy on the razzle dazzle but light on hits” also noting how Madonna “remains impressively fleet of foot, dancing nearly non-stop, and when she sang live, perfectly competent of voice, even if the mix didn’t always do her favors and her crew was impressive.” [82] 

Jon Parales from New York Times also gave a positve review: “Madonna, at 54, isn’t giving in to pop obsolescence. The concert is a display of energy and nutty inventiveness, with Madonna costumed as everything from baton twirler to folk dancer”, adding that “the concert is less a story than an excellent excuse for extravagant, perpetually surprising production numbers involving more than three dozen performers, while it turns some of Madonna’s past hits inside out.”[83] Hardeep Phull from the New York Postacclaimed her performance in Yankee Stadium, writing: “the shock-and-awe tactics have been a staple of her 30-year career, but right now they seem to be an especially savvy move” and that the show “remains a master class in performance and spectacle.”[84] Chris Cobb from Ottawa Citizen called the performance in Ottawa: “a Broadway show on wheels” and writing: “in a sense it doesn’t really matter what songs Madonna chooses to sing because the spectacle, with all its bells and whistles, is all.”[85]

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Turn Up the Radio. Awesome Madonna in top form. MDNA

Awesome summer anthem. Madonna releases one of the better tunes off the MDNA album. Turn Up the Radio. A song that should’ve been the first release. The song is fantastic and so is the video.   She plays someone escaping the ‘maddening crowd’ to take a drive through Europe  and picking up people to join in her fun along the way.

Click on the link to watch the video:



Madonna’s MDNA album is the 12th best selling CD of 2012 at this point.  The top 11 are all men or male groups.


When the world starts to get you down
And nothing seems to go your way
And the noise of a maddening crowd
Makes you feel like you’re going to go insane

There’s a glow of a distant light
Calling you to come outside
To feel the wind in your face and your skin
And it’s here I begin my story

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

It was time that I opened my eyes
I’m leaving the past behind
Nothing’s ever what it seems
Including this time and this crazy dream

I’m stuck like a moth to a flame
I’m so tired of playing this game
I don’t know how I got to this stage
Let me out of my cage cause I’m dying

To turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

I just wanna get in my car
I wanna go fast and I gotta go far
Don’t ask me to explain how I feel
Cause I don’t wanna say where I’m going

Turn up the noise and turn up the volume
Don’t have a choice
Cause the temperature’s pounding
If leaving this place is the last thing I do
Then I want to escape
With a person just like you

Buzzing around like a moth to a flame
I’m so sick and tired of playing this game
We gotta have fun if that’s all that we do
Gotta shake up the system
And break all the rules
Gotta turn up the radio
Until the speakers blow!

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
There’s some things you don’t need to know
Just let me turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Let me turn up the radio
Let me turn up the radio

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Top 20 Best & Worst Songs by Madonna

Madonna has some incredible classic songs in her catalog that span her near 30 year career.  However, she has recorded some duds that should’ve never seen the light of day.  You can’t love everything someone does.  It’s harder to find a bad song than it is to find a good song of hers.  The worst songs she’s ever recorded are some slim pickings.  Some of them were released and the others were thankfully not.  Finding the best songs by Madonna is more of a challenge, because her entire catalog is great.

Let’s look at some of her best tunes as well as some of the ones that should never have seen the light of day.  Then we’ll look at her best albums.

The Top 20 Best Madonna Songs

Borderline – Madonna (Self Titled) CD

Dress You Up – Like A Virgin CD

Open Your Heart – True Blue CD

Live to Tell – True Blue CD

Like a Prayer – Like A Prayer CD

Express Yourself – Like A Prayer CD

Vogue – I’m Breathless CD

Erotica – Erotica CD

Secret – Bedtime Stories CD

Frozen – Ray of Light CD

Ray of Light – Ray of Light CD

Music – Music CD

Don’t Tell Me – Music CD

Beautiful Stranger – Celebration CD

Hung Up – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Get Together – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Miles Away – Hard Candy CD

Celebration – Celebration CD

Love Spent – MDNA CD

Masterpiece – MDNA CD

The Top 20 Worst Madonna Songs

Love Song – Like a Prayer CD

Rescue Me – The Immaculate Collection CD

Waiting – Erotica CD

Why Is it So Hard – Erotica CD

Bad Girl – Erotica CD

Survival – Bedtime Stories CD

One More Chance – Something to Remember CD

You’ll See – Something to Remember CD

American Life – American Life CD

Hollywood  – American Life CD

Die Another Day – American Life CD

I’m So Stupid  – American Life CD

I Love New York – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Push – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Hey You – Live Aid CD

Candy Shop – Hard Candy CD

Revolver – Celebration CD

Gimme All Your Luvin’ – MDNA CD

Girl Gone Wild – MDNA CD

Some Girls – MDNA CD

It’s ironic that her two worst songs were the first two singles off her new MDNA CD.  The album has songs on there that are ten times better than that bubble gum crap churned out on the singles released so far.  I don’t know who decides what to release, but they did a horrible job choosing for MDNA.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, because although both songs have done moderately acceptable on the charts, they did not do as well as say a song like “Hung Up” or “4 Minutes” did.

What they should’ve done was release “Masterpiece” first.  It was already getting radio airplay and even won a Golden Globe award.  They could’ve followed in the footsteps of her “True Blue” album that shocked the public by releasing a stripped down ballad “Live to Tell” as its first single.  They then should’ve released “Gang Bang” as its second single, while producing a radio edit that is acceptable for listeners without some of the language.  The third single would be “Turn Up the Radio” which luckily they are releasing any day now anyway as the third follow up single.  Fourth should absolutely go to “Love Spent”.  Maybe over the Summer.

Other potential singles to follow could be any or all of the following: “Superstar”, “Beautiful Killer”, “I’m Addicted” and “Best Friend”.  “I Fucked Up” is one of the best songs on the album as well, but unfortunately won’t get radio airplay or played anywhere  else because the “I Fucked Up” verse is too prevalent through the song.

I doubt anyone is new to Madonna and everyone has the albums they want by her. However, Madonna seems to grab new fans among the younger set everytime she releases an album. So if you’re one of those teens wondering what to choose from this woman whose got a catalog of music CD’s out as big as an encyclopedia then you’re in luck. The following are the true Madonna gems and must haves:

Best song on Madonna’s MDNA is “Love Spent”

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If Madonna were President what would she do? She responded on Facebook then quickly jetted to the UMF Miami club!

Today, live on Facebook with Jimmy Fallon, Madonna was asked what she would do if she were President.  She said she would take all the money away from self defense and put it into schools and education.  Teachers don’t get paid enough.

She also said she would allow all states to approve same sex gay marriage.

She also calls on Quentin Tarantino to direct “Gang Bang”. She’s got the idea to set it in a hotel. All he has to do is show up with a camera.  The song was written after being inspired by his movies with strong women such as “Kill Bill” and “Death Proof.”

If you missed the live chat click here

Madonna quickly jetted to Miami for the biggest outdoor night club for UMF!  The crowd roared when she walked on stage as it was a surprise.  The DJ mixed her song “Girl Gone Wild” to the jumping crowd.

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MADONNA defends gays against gay Propaganda laws; Bullying & Teen Suicide; new album, video & will answer questions on Facebook.

Last week, following the passage by St. Petersburg, Russia of a law banning gay “propaganda” which bars (and imposes fines for) gay groups, gay books and periodicals, LGBT Pride events, and other “promotion” of homosexuality, there were calls from Russian journalists for boycotts of the city.

Madonna’s first tour in Russia this year drew the ire of orthodox Christian activists. Now she vows to defy a new law against promoting homosexuality when she performs in President-elect Vladimir Putin’s hometown in August.

Madonna Answers St Petersburg’s Controversy:

“I’m a freedom fighter.
My show
My songs
My work
My art
Is all about freedom of expression
Freedom to choose to speak to act
Always with humanity and compassion
I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels opressed.
I don’t run away from adversity.
I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity.”




Madonna’s latest studio album entitled “MDNA” is available now.   The album is a lot of fun and almost a longer version of “Confessions on a Dance Floor”.  It’s really quite good, but that’s not a surprise when it comes to the woman who has been working non-stop in the entertainment industry for 30 years.  She’s one of the few artists who is known in every corner of the globe, every generation regardless of race, religious denomination, political affiliation or sexual orientation.  She manages to attract the best parts of all them to her.

Pick up your copy of MDNA here and go for the deluxe edition so you can get a bunch of additional tracks.  The album hit #1 in 50 countries before it’s release date.  She will also be touring the world this year starting in May. Check to see if she’s performing in a city near you!



2nd single from MDNA released




against bullying & teen suicide on ELLEN


Madonna's Live Facebook Q&A moderated by Jimmy Fallon
If Madonna were President she says she would make gay marriage legal everywhere.



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