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Jesse Colter gets thrown out of Kentucky Kingdom for wearing a speedo

Jesse Colter gets thrown out of Kentucky Kingdom for wearing a speedo according to his Tweet.

Jessie Colter was at a water theme park in Kentucky when an officer asked him to leave because of his attire.  He does say that the officer called him ‘queer’ which if this was true, is not okay and needs to be called out on.  Speedos are still acceptable attire in Europe, but in the U.S. with is puritanical views on certain things it makes others uncomfortable.  I wasn’t shocked to discover this happened in Kentucky.  The Kentucky Kingdom website doesn’t say that Speedos are not acceptable, however they do have a clause that says, “Kentucky Kingdom is a family-friendly theme park and reserves the right to determine whether a guest’s attire is appropriate.”  It is their park and they can do what they like.  I don’t have a problem with someone wearing speedos, but I do know well enough that if I were going to wear speedos, I certainly wouldn’t at a ‘family friendly’ park.  You have to exercise common sense judgement.  Again, this was Kentucky.   Regardless he looks damn good in speedos and maybe too good is the problem. 😛

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