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Gays can now get married in Indiana. The 20th state to legalize Same Sex Marriage.

Indiana has become the latest state to strike down their Same Sex Marriage ban and to allow gay marriage to be recognized legally.  This news was information that Heaven passed onto author, Kevin Hunter, for his book, “Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels”.  They more or less said that the Same Sex Marriage situation would soon be approved around the world so that more important matters could be attended to.  This was in the “What Does Heaven Say About Homosexuality?” chapter.

Warrior of Light” was written in 2012 when at the time only 7 states had approved Same Sex Marriage.  As of today, 20 states have officially approved and legalized gay marriage.  It’s looking like the Angels prediction regarding the Same Sex Marriage concern is becoming more true as times goes by.




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Gay Teens: Become a Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels focuses on fine tuning your body and surroundings in order for you to receive guidance and messages from your own Spirit team in Heaven. It is jam packed with all sorts of great stuff ranging from how to communicate with guides and angels, to what happens to our souls when we die, raising your vibration, purification methods to soul mates, twin flames, archangels and even Heaven’s take on homosexuality.  You are all loved.  The Kindle book is currently available for $5.00

Warrior of Light:

Messages from my Guides and Angels

There are legions of angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones in Heaven that watch and guide each of us on our journey here on Earth. They are around to make our lives easier and less stressful. How many of us pay attention to the nudges, guidance and messages? There are many who live lives full of negativity and stress trying to make ends meet. This can shake your faith as it leads you down paths of addictions, unhealthy life choices and negative relationship connections. Learn how you can recognize the guidance of your own Spirit team of Guides and Angels around you.

Author, Kevin Hunter relays Heavenly guided messages about getting humanity, the world and yourself into shape. He passes on the guidance he was given by his own Spirit team on how to fine tune your body and in raising your vibration. Doing this will help you gain hope and faith in your own life in order to start attracting in more good stuff. In “Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels” read about the messages and guidance that Heaven has for humanity to wake them up and improve themselves. Included are your changing friendships, soul mates and twin flames, Hell, the Devil and the Ego. What happens to our spirit and soul as well as spirit guides, guardian angels and cord cutting. Read about raising your vibration, fitness and health changes, awakening your inner child, receiving divine messages, channeling, blocks and much, much more!


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Hay House, Inc.


CHAPTER 1     Spirit Guides and Angels
        What are Spirit Guides and Angels?   
        How Do Guides and Angels Communicate With Us?
        Reaching for the Warrior Within
CHAPTER 2     Hell and the Devil: The Real Monsters of Society.  The Ego
CHAPTER 3     What Happens to Our Spirit and Soul When We Die?
CHAPTER 4     Raising Your Vibration to a Higher Level
        Breathing and Stretching
          Cuddling, Hugging & Touching
          Emotional Eating
          Harsh Energies
          Exercise and Fitness
          Removing Addictions and Negative
          Clear the Clutter
          Avoid Gossip
          Awaken Your Inner Child Through Joy
          Remain Optimistic
CHAPTER 5     Purification Methods to Keep Your World Clear
         Cord Cutting
          Disengage from Anguish
Etheric Creatures Gnawing on my Light
Life Purpose
          Divine Timing
          The White Light
CHAPTER 6     Friendships Change as You Evolve
          We Are All Teachers
          Dissolving Friendships
CHAPTER 7     The Human Heart: Relationships, Soul Mates & Twin Flames
       Dysfunctional Relationships
          Soul Mates
          Twin Flames
          Reconnecting with a Past Ex
          The Human Heart
          Asking For Help In Finding a Soul Mate
CHAPTER 8     Prayers, Affirmations, Manifesting
CHAPTER 9     Empathy and Emotional Detachment
CHAPTER 10    Signs of Messages from Heaven
          Trust in Divine Communication          
            Examples of Spirit Intervention
            Receiving Messages Through Multiple Clairs
            Receiving Claircognizance Messages
            Hearing the Right Voices
            Ignoring Heavenly Messages
            Spirit in the Sky
CHAPTER 11    What Does Heaven Say About Homosexuality?
CHAPTER 12    Connecting with the Archangels
           Archangel Michael
           Archangel Raphael
           Archangel Gabriel
           Archangel Uriel
           Archangel Nathaniel
           Archangel Jophiel
           Archangel Raziel
           Archangel Ariel
           Archangel Haniel
           Archangel Azrael
           Archangel Metatron
           Archangel Sandalphon
           Archangel Raguel
           Archangel Chamuel
           Archangel Zadkiel
           Archangel Jeremiel
           Jesus Christ
EPILOGUE     Love Big and Love Always
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