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9th grader offers some recommendations to curb teen suicide and bullying

A Essay fiction. Story summary: I had to do a media assignment for my grade 9 English summative.  So here is my speech on the issue..

Teen suicide

In life, we have to make choices. We have to make choices on what we eat, what we wear and eventually, we have to make a choice on what we want to do with our life. In adolescence, we have our ups and downs. Hormones go crazy and our emotions are like a roller coaster. The need to fit in always takes a toll in our lives. There are times we have to face problems and tough decisions and times we get really sad and emotional. But sometimes, those problems and tough decisions are also too much to handle and these sad emotions last longer than a few weeks. Some teens don’t tell anyone about these emotions or any of these problems. They are scared people are going to judge them and that there is no way out. Sadly, many teens find that suicide is the only way out. Suicide has accounted 2% of deaths in Canada since the 1970′ is the second leading death between the ages of 10-24. In that group, the ages with highest numbers of teen suicide is 15 and up. Suicide is a way to end your life but it is not a solution. Suicide affects the victim’s family and the people around them.

Why do teens try to kill themselves?

Every day, around fourteen teens (ages 15-19) commit suicide, approximately 1 every 100 minutes. On average, 294 teens die each year. These are very shocking statistics. But why are these statistics even present? Why teens are committing suicide? Well some teens try to kill themselves to escape a bad situation that seems impossible; some try to kill themselves to escape feelings or rejection, hurt or loss. Others try to escape the anger, shame or guilt of something they have done. Some may be worried about disappointing family or friends. And others may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized or a burden to their family or friends. We all have those feelings at some point in our lives. Some people try to go through tough situations one step at a time, try to resolve their problems and move on. So why do some people even considered suicide? The answer is that, people who even considered suicide or commit suicide have depression.


Depression isn’t just mood swings or a just personal weakness. Depression is a serious medical condition with many emotional, physical and behavioural symptoms. Depression leads people to focus on failures and disappointments. Depression affects someone’s thoughts. Depression affects people’s thoughts and clouds their reasoning. And these sad and bad thoughts are an illusion that convinces the person that there is no way out of these emotional or physical problems, and that suicide is the only solution. Depression is a factor on teen suicide and sadly, teens are quite vulnerable from depression. That’s because hormones and sleep cycles change dramatically during adolescence and it can affect someone’s mood. The good news is that depression can be treatable. Most teens can get cured with the right kind of help.

Suicide is not always planned?

In some cases, suicide is planned. But in many cases, suicide is sudden. Suicide just happens impulsively, in a moment. Some wants to die and some are not sure that they want to die. For some victims, suicide is that only way to express their pain. They can’t say how they really feel so, for them, suicide is the only way to get their message across. Sadly, many victims die from their suicide attempts or become extremely ill.

The warning signs:

Here of some of the warning signs of someone who is depressed and seriously considering suicide:

Talking about suicide or death in general

Talking about “going away”

Giving away possessions and saying that they won’t be needing them

Talking about feeling helpless, worthless or feeling guilty

Pulling away from friends and family or losing the desire to go out and socialize

Having no desire to take part in favourite activities or events

Having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly

Experiencing changes in sleep and eating habits

Engaging in self-destructive behaviour


When someone dies, how does it affect their family and th people around them?

When someone dies of teen suicide, it can bring confusion, guilt and wonder were there even signs of suicidal thoughts. It is important for family and friends of those who die to know that they should not blame themselves. People can who are left behind can wrestle with horrible emotional pain. Teens that lost a family member, a friend, a loved one or even a classmate to suicide may be especially vulnerable to suicidal thinking and behaviour themselves.

Coping with problems:

The best way to deal with problems is to tell someone you trust about them, be around positive and caring people and even ask someone who dealt with the problem advice. There are people who cares deeply about you and they are willing to help.

If you are feeling depressed, wanting to commit suicide or know someone who is suicidal:

If you are currently feeling suicidal, get help immediately. Depression is a very powerful emotion. You can’t wait for this feeling to go away and for you to get better. When someone is feeling bad for a very long, it’s harder to get back on your feet. Talk to someone who you trust and to confide too. And please, if you ever feel suicidal, please call the numbers here presented for you. If you have a friend who is having any of these symptoms, please ask questions, listen and try to talk to your friend. If you your friend is really considering to commit suicide, tell someone immediately. You may feel like you are betraying your friend, but in reality, you are helping your friend by telling and getting help. For more information, please feel free to call any of these hotlines at any time. You have the decision to help your friend from suicide or to save. Make the right choice.

Description of my poster:

Light and Colour: The light is sort of gloomy and the colour is kind of bland and the person on the swing has shading and shadows. I chose to do this to create an affect and to show the public that people who are suicidal may feel that way and that they are stuck in the darkness.

Details: I chose to use this creepy font to grab attention to the public and that they would be interested to read the billboard. And I chose to use this size because it’s not too big and it’s not too small and the fonts will create an impact to the reader.

Design: I chose to but the statistic on the top, so it can be the first thing people will read and then I put a slogan below that to create an affect to viewers. And then I put the hotlines on the below the person on the swing and under that I put the phrase “you are not alone” to create a feeling for the public. I put the phrase you are not alone in the bottom because on the very top, it’s sad but in the bottom, I wanted to create hope and I wanted to explain to the victims who might be reading this that they are not alone and that there are people who understand how they are feeling.

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