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The Teen Buzz group

From the Queen Buzz Group

On February 19 at noon, the Teen Buzz group met the rest of our Queen Buzz family.

We met Deana, Nicole, Danielle, and Christina, (but of course we knew Deana, that’s how we got started).

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Jackie who couldn’t be with us. We weren’t all together just to meet up, but for a photo shoot for a no-bullying campaign. We we’re all very excited for this! It was the first time we would meet the rest of the family and our first time we all had a photo shoot together.

With the special talents on Deana she gave us all a black-eye effect with make-up. We all looked as if we really had black eyes! While we took our photos we had to hold up pieces of paper that said a word on how we’ve been bullied. We all had our words and we really got to meet who the other ladies were
from looking at their words.

We all had unique words to describe how we’ve been bullied. We all really had a good time and really got to meet each other. We all had an enjoyable time at the photo shoot and meeting each other.  I am so grateful to be a part of The Queen Buzz. We will be posting more article and we can’t wait to have you reading them! More great things are to be looking forward too!

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The Cammy Buzz, The Ashley Buzz, and I met the lovely ladies of The Queen Buzz. We were so excited. We met them because of a serious situation, BULLYING. So many people are affected by it, and we wanted to show how we were affected by it.

We met Deana, Nicole, Danielle, and Christina. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Jackie, but we wish we did! They were very nice and funny! We had a wonderful time shooting with them!

We were shooting for the bullying campaign. We had to wear a white shirt and have a black eye.

Thanks to Deana we actually looked like we had a black eye! We had to have a paper written with the one thing that people bully us about. Deana was “PERFECT”.

I was “FRECKLES”.  Camryn was “UNWANTED”. Ashley was “TOO SHORT”. Nicole’s was “MISUNDERSTOOD”. Danielle’s was “LUCKY”. Christina’s was “WORTHLESS”.  I got to know them better by just looking at their word.

If we could stop bullying people wouldn’t suffer everyday by someone physically hurting them or verbally.

I am so happy to be a part of The Queen Buzz. We will be posting more article and soon to come, videos! You guys will get to see new and exciting things coming up.

Such as….

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Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since we have uploaded an article but today I am going to tell you about my journey with the ladies from The Queen Buzz! I had an amazing time with the girls from the Queen Buzz a couple weeks ago! I got to meet all of them for the first time! I met Christina, Nicole, Danielle, and Deana (I already knew her). Unfortunately, the Teen Buzz girls did not get to meet Jackie.

We didn’t just meet up to say hello, we met up for a reason. We met up to take pictures and videos for the I’ve Been Bullied campaign being run by Catherine Oshanek. We all took pictures of us holding signs that said how we have been bullied.

Deana did all of our makeup, she had to put black
makeup on our eyes to make the effect of a black eye, to make it look like we have been bullied. We all took pictures of us holding signs that said how we have been bullied.

All of us wrote something different on the paper we held in our picture I wrote unwanted, Kaylee wrote freckles, Ashley wrote too short, Christina wrote worthless, Nicole wrote misunderstood, Danielle wrote lucky, and Deana wrote perfect. I had a great time with the Queen Buzz Girls and I hope to get to be with them again! Expect awesome things coming up from the Teen Buzz!

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