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Madonna on the Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012; Discusses Ellen’s coming out gay.

When Madonna made it to Los Angeles on her MDNA tour in October 2012, she swung by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Although she had appeared via satellite on her show before, she had never actually been to the set.  In the show, Ellen talks about how she publicly came out and got nasty hate mail, but Madonna had contacted her to give her an optimistic pep talk that changed her.

Here is that full show:

Madonna is one of the few living legend entertainers left in the world.  The days of movie stars and great entertainers are over.   A movie star can no longer open a movie the way it used to be.  Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen ruled the 80’s and continued to maintain an iconic status.    It’s the last of them as we move into a new age.  Now we have rehashed stars as talented as they are, they will never achieve what the others did or be as memorable in a decade.

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Alanis Morissette supports gays and gave them a nod in Los Angeles on November 5th

Alanis Morissette rocked the Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Friday, November 5, 2012.  She put on a stellar rock show that was jam packed with 2 hours of older and newer hits.  During her performance of “Ironic” she changed a key lyric, “It’s meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful….HUSBAND!”  The drums kicked in and two of the guitar players kissed and the audience screamed in support with the loudest roar imaginable of the night.

SET LIST of the Night.  Guardian Angel Tour 2012

  1. Encore:
  2. (a cappella)
  3. Encore 2:
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This is our last chance to make a difference. – Brad Pitt, Human Rights Campaign

A note from Chad Griffin, HRC President: As I wrote to you yesterday, we must continue to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy and give to organizations like the Red Cross. We must also remember that Tuesday’s elections are almost here and the marriage ballot campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington must continue. Please see the urgent note below from Brad Pitt and join with him and HRC as we go into the final stretch.
Human Rights Campaign
“This is our last chance to make a difference. If you’re like me, you don’t want to have to ask yourself on the day after the election, what else could I have done?”
– Brad PittMake an urgent gift to HRC’s national marriage fund in the next 24 hours, and Brad Pitt will double it – all the way up to $100,000.

Donate Now

It’s unbelievable to me that people’s lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days.

In Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, voters will go to the polls to decide if gay and lesbian couples – our friends and neighbors – are worthy of the same protections as everyone else.

But that’s the system we have and I’m not going to back down from the fight for loving and committed couples to have the ability to marry. Especially when groups like the Human Rights Campaign are fighting these battles day-in and day-out.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. If you make a contribution to these ballot measure campaigns in the next 24 hours, I’ll double it – every dollar of the way, up to $100,000.

This is our last chance to make a difference. If you’re like me, you don’t want to have to ask yourself on the day after the election, what else could I have done?

Every person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is enshrined in our country’s Declaration of Independence, but powerful, well-funded groups are flooding the airwaves with lies trying to take away those rights from certain people… and we can’t stand for it.

Let’s make history together.

Contribute to HRC’s National Marriage Fund right now, just as I’ve done, and together we’ll put our country on the path to the day when there are no second-class citizens.

Brad Pitt

Donate Now

Prepared and paid for by the Human Rights Campaign,
1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036, Chad Griffin, President.


1640 Rhode Island Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036-3278
Phone: 202-628-4160 TTY: 202-216-1572 Fax: 202-347-5323

Powered By Convio

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Dude Lit books for gay and straight young adults 16-24

Dude Lit is like Chick Lit, but for guys who hate to read.  The stories are simple, entertaining fast reads with enough shock and vasopressin to fill up a beer mug.  The typical teen boy tends to be sleepy and bored due to the sleep clock in his brain that shifts as he gets older.  Testosterone receptors reset his brain’s clock cells and he’s going to bed later and sleeping later.  If school systems and teachers really wanted teenagers to learn, they’d make start times later by several hours.  At least that would increase the chances of the boy’s eyes being open – even if it wouldn’t wipe the dazed look of boredom from his face.  Some people think teenage boys are acting bored because its no longer cool to be excited about anything.  However, the reward center in their brain becomes less activated and isn’t sensitive enough to feel normal levels of stimulation.  He’s not ‘acting’ bored, he IS bored and just can’t help it.

“I hate reading, but this was the first book I actually finished all the way through since High School.  It was great.”  – a young male reader.

Paint the Silence

Ruston Bock is a telepathic sleuth who is called in by a detective friend, Trinity Foyer, to ad some insight into catching a masked killer in the city of New Orleans.  When he arrives he becomes stranded at the Granger Mansion, a place that houses an eccentric family.  It’s there he comes into contact with Logan Granger, an icy member that does as he’s told and stays out of the way.  He befriends Ruston in hopes of assisting him in cracking the secrets he’s lived with at the Granger ranch while simultaneously bringing the cities real killer to justice. 

“Paint the Silence” is a horror, drama screenplay with violent content.”

(fiction, horror, drama, screenplay, play, serial killer, axe murderer, polygamy, corrupt police, drugs and alcohol, new orleans, crime, kevin hunter)
PAPERBACK     $7.85
KINDLE E-Book   $3.99

Dude 101 features Jagger, a dating columnist who takes young adults into a series of practical essays devoted to finding love in a universe that defies this notion.

He covers the similarities and differences between straight and gay men, to loyalty and adultery, while putting guys into the categories of Knights, Princes and Kings. Dude 101 demonstrates the rise and fall of love, what to stay away from, what to go after, how eligible bachelors are not always so eligible, the bad boy and the dating rules that should be memorized as mantra.

Author, Kevin Hunter, takes a backseat allowing his alter ego Jagger guide us through the journey. His terrain involves random musings and ultimately a peek at his real love romance with Garth through scene vignettes.

Jagger is the main protagonist in the book Jagger’s Revolution, a tale that surfaces around a heated erotic crush between a writer and an Australian lifeguard. Through the cynicism in both, he ultimately finds and ends…in love.

(dating, relationships, gay, straight, dating handguide, dating manual, adultery, romance, sex apps, valentine’s day, love, kevin hunter, dude literature)
PAPERBACK     $6.85
KINDLE E-Book   $3.99

Jagger’s Revolution is a highly erotic love story about an aristocratic beach thug who rules by his scrupulous idea of how life should be. Jagger is a cool beauty who loses it when his ego isn’t fed by the dudes he claims to disdain. He equates dating with going to battle while on his hunt for the real thing in a city that is plagued of any honest human connection. He’s a hardening menace, with an uncompromising disapproval for weakness and bad etiquette. His engaging and flirtatious friends compliment his aggressive nature by tempering his inflexible fight on mankind to gain insight into their intolerable behavior. The book takes you on a journey with Jagger through his dalliances and crushing love frustrations that appeal to young adults. He finds exhaustion with going on yet another dating excursion when he knows the guy for him is the one he can’t say more than two words to. If there is any light to all his darkness, it’s the pleasing love story, the central theme that runs throughout his disappointments in matters of the heart. He experiences the kind of crush and love one has as a teenager over Garth, the dreamboat lifeguard from Australia, with the boyish distinction and the killer smile, who he keeps running into in passing. He wrestles with his immediate unexplainable silent connection with him and longs to get close.  Explicit Material.

(erotic, love, romance, sex, relationships, dating, crushes, boy crush, beach lifeguard, gay, shirtless, kevin hunter)
KINDLE E-Book  $4.99
Preview “Jagger’s Revolution


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Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris opens up that she was also bullied

Michael Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter Paris told Oprah in an exclusive interview that she was bullied after her home schooling ended.

“They try to get to me with words,” the 14-year-old told Oprah.  Love this girl.

Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris: I Was Bullied

Paris Jackson has revealed that life hasn’t been easy since she moved to a private school, and that’s not only because of the death of her father and his high-profile but because of school bullies.

The teen might be a multi-millionairess and daughter of the late ‘Thriller’ singer but it seems that she still has to go through what most teenagers do, and that unfortunately includes being a victim of bullies.

“People try, but it doesn’t always work,” the 14-year-old said. “They try to get to me with words.”

Paris continued to say that the bullying has been done in-person as well as cyber.

But, much like her father, she has learned to deal with it, especially when it comes to dealing with seemingly friendly people with not so good intentions.

“If I feel someone is being fake to me,” she told Oprah, “I will just push them away.”

Paris said the bullying began after she stopped being home schooled, and she was never sure when people were trying to get close to her to take advantage of her, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

She said she didn’t know why people chose to bully her and whether peer pressure or personal antipathy were to blame.

The daughter of the late King of Pop also opened up about her unusual childhood and the masks her father made her and her siblings wear when they were in public.

“I was really confused,” she said of the disguises, one of many eccentricities of the former frontman of the Jackson 5. “I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask. But I understand it now.”

Paris said she is still struggling to cope with the death of her father almost three years ago, Paris said.

“It never gets any easier,” she told Oprah.

Paris Jackson Avoids Bullies At School

The Many Faces of the Man in the Mirror


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This is Gay Pride Month and I’ve never been a fan of Pride.

This is Gay Pride Month and I’ve never been a fan of Pride.  I’ve been to a few of them and I found them to be boring.  It had nothing to do with gay rights.  It was all about sex and picking people up.  I’m certainly not a prude and if that’s someone’s thing then great, but for Pride I expect a bit more integrity.  Instead there was a lot of judgment.  If that wasn’t going on then advertisers were shoving their products down your throat.

I get why Pride started in the first place, but it no longer has any meaning and hasn’t for quite some time. Don’t call it Pride. Call it what it really is. It’s a gay party. They should call it “Gay Party 2012”. You go to a Greek Festival or the Renaissance Fair and things like that and you find good food, great history about that culture or the origins of the festival, but you don’t see anything like that at Pride.  Everyone is walking around in a thong. Um-ok.

I’m not saying anything that isn’t untrue.  Let’s face it, when people who despise gays think of an image of someone who is gay, they’re thinking of someone dressed in leather with his ass hanging out.  How about the real gays, the hard working ones who have been in long relationships and raising a family and have a career?  I’ve never see that at Pride.

Another contributor eloquently wrote….

Ok, ever since I moved out here to L.A. from the midwest and have been exposed to more of the “gay”, I have been told from all sides what it is and means to be gay. Well let me tell all y’all sons of bitches what being gay is not.

Before we go into details here, let’s define a few terms.

Community – a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

Culture – 1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. 2. the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.

Personally, I do not like the terms “gay community” and “gay culture”. By definition they just don’t make any sense to me. Both terms imply that a particular group of people share distinct aspects of their lives. Whether it is a religion, the way they live, traditions passed down, its a common factor that specifically defines them and binds them as a distinct group. Now… How does being gay define us as a community or culture? Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, a religion, a language, a dance or anything else that defines a culture or community. Homosexuality is a sexuality and that is it. Its a factor that knows no bounds. There are gays of every race, religion, etc. If you go to a gay club/bar (or anywhere else that gays gather) you will see them dressing differently, speaking different languages, some act “femme”, some act “straight”, and they are of different races. Chances are, the only thing that they may have in common is that they are gay. Being gay alone by no means binds us together as a distinct group. You can’t look at a diverse group of homosexuals and just outright know and say…yup…thar be a gaggle of gays…

Like I said before, ever since I moved out here to L.A. I have been bombarded with stereotypes, harassment, and pressure as to what a gay person should do or shouldn’t do…how a gay person should act….how a gay person should dress, etc.. You see it in magazines, online, at clubs/bars and on TV. For the most part the ones who have been the most hateful and the most adamant about what a gay person is has not been the bigots…..its been other homos. From the outside in, when you look at the things displayed on TV, in magazines, online, etc…for the most part all you see are the stereotypes….the very stereotypes that the majority of us cannot stand. No one likes it when it is just assumed you’ll talk, act, dress or do anything that you do not. You don’t like it…I don’t like it….so why harp on me and bash me because I am not someone you think I should be based on your closed minded views. Now there’s some irony. I’ve been called closed minded and conservative because I don’t like or do certain things. Hey, live your life and do as you will, just don’t pressure me to do the same.

Now lets go into what gay is not…

Being gay does not mean that all you do is sleep around. Being gay does not mean that you go to clubs and listen to techno music. Being gay does not mean that when you want to go on a cruise, it is to sleep around on a floating sex party. Being gay does not mean that I should style my hair into a faux hawk. Being gay doesn’t mean that I talk with a lisp or walk like a runway model. Being gay doesn’t mean that I have “femme” attributes. Being gay doesn’t mean I spend every second of my free time working out. Being gay does not mean that I wear tight cloths. Being gay does not mean that I will only dress in expensive cloths of expensive labels. Being gay doesn’t mean that I own anything that is Gucci or Prada. Being gay doesn’t mean that I want to live in West Hollywood or San Francisco. Being gay doesn’t mean that I have a “fag hag”. Being gay does not mean anything that you may assume about me.

What does being gay mean? It fucking means that you are gay!!! It means that and only that. I may or may not have have or do any of what the above statements say being gay is not, but none of the above defines me as gay. Hell, on any bright, sunny day you can find a heterosexual having or doing one or more of the above.

No one can tell me what I should or shouldn’t do as a “good gay”. I will be gay my own way and I urge everyone else to do the same. Do not give into pressure to be someone you are not. When you look in the mirror you should be proud of that person looking back at you rather than looking at that person and wondering what you should change about that person because others think you should.

I am just an average guy. I moved away from the midwest in order to find myself and to heal a shattered heart. I have my own values and comfort factor for how I choose to live. I am gay and I will tell someone when asked and when appropriate, but I won’t and don’t wear a sign proclaiming it. I am in love with a man who has filled in that missing part of my heart. I am a hopeless romantic. Simply I am me…I’m the person I am comfortable being and no one will pressure or force me to be anyone but who I am…


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Facebook supports the gays

At the GLAAD Media Awards last weekend, Facebook was recognized for its support and protection of the LGBT community over the past couple years.

But why, you ask, would an ostensibly neutral, public platform want to support and protect any group of users, especially ones in such a controversial demographic?

In a video sent to the GLAAD gathering, Sheryl Sandberg speaks to the lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgendered folks, and their straight allies in the audience, saying, “We’re committed to helping people express who they really are,” referencing the site’s “in a domestic partnership” and “in a civil union” relationship statuses, but also nodding to the company’s ongoing work with GLAAD to stop online bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards LGBT youth and adults.

“We’re grateful for all you do in the world and honored to be able to build technology which can support your efforts,” Sandberg said.

Facebook was recognized by GLAAD for its years of work to stop online bullying of gay youth in particular, an effort that was spurred by a rash of high-profile gay teen suicides in 2010. We were on hand to capture the awards show itself, a star-studded event that highlighted the importance of positive LGBT role models and fair and accurate portrayals of gay folks in the media.

Accepting the award for Facebook were Andrew Noyes and Sara Sperling, whose longer comments about the “network effect” of creating an LGBT safe space online and the stories Facebookers see and hear about their gay users are included in the extra clip below at around 2:15.

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Life Lessons from an Avenger. Jeremy Renner

Life Lessons from an Avenger
Monday, May 14, 2012 By Alexis Breese

Jeremy Renner’s name has become more and more popular as one of Hollywood’s newest hunks. Jumping from movies with Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck with his latest box office hits, Renner has a similar story that many of us should remember as we go on into adulthood and move on from high school to college.

Jeremy Renner is one of the many stars in the box office hit Marvel’s Avengers. Renner was most notably recognized for his role in The Hurt Locker receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. But Renner wasn’t always well known for his piercing intense stares and gruff yet soft voice. In fact, Renner picked up odd jobs to pay the bills “when acting didn’t,” something we should all take a lesson from as we start to progress into our adult lives.

There is no reason we shouldn’t be doing what we love, but too many people sacrifice what they love because it isn’t a safe option. But this doesn’t have to happen. Life isn’t going to magically hand you a six figure job with all the bells and whistles, but in today’s society we as students need to recognize that we need to be proactive. Renner was a makeup artist to help pay his rent while still keeping up in his acting career.

Stepping into a new environment and stage in our lives is a scary thing. Many people forgo their passions and pick some boring, safe option. But the key to success isn’t safe and secure. We have to be able to figure out where the line between dreams and reality meet and find balance between the two. Like Renner, I plan to be smart about my life dreams, keeping the balance between goals and reality on equal scales.

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Michelle Pfeiffer’s statement on Marriage Equality when asked where she stands

Michelle Pfeiffer who has always been gay friendly and has many gay friends has never been one to be political or make a statement about the issue.   However, when recently asked where she stands on it since no one ever hears anything from her on the topic, she had this to say.

Michelle Pfeiffer statement on Marriage Equality when asked where she stands: “I do not know what the big deal is with legalizing same-sex marriage. I don’t understand the problem people have with that. I can’t even wrap my head around that way of thinking. I don’t know if it’s judgmental, bigoted? I don’t know how a person gets to be like that. I mean, who’s it hurting, you know?”

She can be seen in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows which opens this week and People Like Us in June 2012.

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Josh Hutcherson honored by GLAAD

Josh Hutcherson is only 19 years old, but is way wise beyond his years.  The actor has recently been seen in “The Hunger Games“, but is well known for playing the straight son to a gay couple in the fantastic film, “The Kids Are All Right.”  He didn’t have to reach far to play that role as he’s been fighting straight ally for gays everywhere and grew up with it as his mom was raised by two men.  Although prejudice and bullying is exhibited by both men and women, it’s primarily straight men that execute that wrath.  Josh stands up against all of that as a straight man who is comfortable with himself and loves all people.

He received the GLAAD Vanguard award this week.  The Vanguard Award is given to a person who has made a significant different in promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. The 19-year-old actor is the youngest ever recipient of the honor.  Previous honors include Drew Barrymore.

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