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WATCH: Diner’s React to Trans Teen Coming Out

Gay is one thing, but Trans is another.  Gays are more accepted than ever before and this support continues to increase at an expedited rate every year.  Yeah sure there are those that hate it and want to stop it, but let’s face it that’s just never going to happen and they can spend their lives wrestling with that.

However, a trans person is another ballgame and has less support, even gays aren’t quite supportive of it.   It’s understandable by most that there are people who are attracted to the same sex and that’s just the way it is.  You’re born having that attraction and some even have an attraction for both sexes even though when they commit to one sex, they stay committed.  It’s the same way a guy will marry a woman for life, but he still fantasizes about other women on occasion.  It doesn’t mean he acts on it (or so you hope).

I don’t know much about trans people and don’t even know if that’s the right terminology, but I stumbled upon this video and was moved by the reality.  I don’t know what its like to be a guy, yet inside feel as if you’re a girl and should’ve been born one.  That’s an entirely different matter.  I suppose unless it’s happening to you then there’s no way you can understand.  The same way those that hate gays for whatever frivolous reasons.  Those people simply cannot comprehend what its like to have a profound attraction for the same sex.  You can’t switch it off and you can’t beat it out of someone either.  I think at this point we can stop using the bible as a reason since we all know that was altered by man   during the days of wanting to stop it from happening.   Now those followers like to use falsely use it as their sword to attack.   God created homosexuals and heterosexuals and doesn’t see any distinction between either.  It’s certain men and women that do.  Regardless – this has been beaten into pulp enough already, so onto other things.

The purpose of this post, watch diners react to trans teen coming out:

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