Jagger’s Revolution, the hot erotic love story available in paperback and kindle

Jagger’s Revolution
book excerpt

It’s an unusual heat wave in March in the city of Hermosa Beach, California.  This is home to the surfer’s walk of fame and where the too sexy it should be illegal cascade along the beach playing volleyball or surfing the cosmic Pacific Ocean waves.  A young, rebellious man breathes down its neck pulling out its sexual diversity without so much as a word.  Jagger careens around the corner at lightning speed leaving a trail blazed behind him.  His black pick-up truck dominates a street lined with cactus for a block and a half where the foot of the beach starts.  He is consumed with all sorts of mental breakage while yammering away on the phone.  Lethal and territorial with his crowd and environment, there is an easy vibe about him mixed with a dangerous edge.

He finds a spot between a parked corolla and a small trashcan on wheels that stands in his way.  He battles with reversing his truck into a small open space available to parallel park.  Feeling destructive and antsy like he can do anything he wants, he attempts to back the truck up into the spot around the trash can.  God forbid he climbs out to move the trash receptor.  That’s not his style.  If something is in his way, then he hits it or runs over it.  There is a rough beauty about him that is aloof and attractive.  He is a loner and a tough guy with a warrior’s edge.  There are cuts and scars on him from running and jumping off high objects to temper his occasional unruly aggression.  He’s crashed down onto the street and pavement more than once.  Thirty-two years old with looks in the mid-20’s, his endless active lifestyle has done him good.  He gets into the occasional fist-fight, but is merely trying to survive standing up for a fair Prince or Princess in a jam.  He doesn’t know why he gives a shit for humankind, as man hasn’t been kind to him or each other.  As a writer and on an intellectual level he hates stereotypes and doesn’t agree with them.  Pigeonholes and labels are both offensive and repetitive in his mind.

He reverses the truck and his back tire hikes up onto the curb.  Accelerating forward abruptly and slamming on the brakes causes a loud echoing screech.  He slams his truck into the trashcan causing it to spin around while an onlooker watches concerned in the distance.  Paying no mind, he backs up banging the tire against the curb.

“What the fuck.”  He says under his breath.  He hits the steering wheel with his palms in a brash manner.

Slamming on the gas he runs into the trash can once more.

“Hold on.”  He shouts into his earpiece then, “Let me call you back!”

The driver door swings open and a huge beach breeze rushes past the truck.  Jagger’s hiking boot hits the street pavement hard.  With combative movements he climbs out of the car into plain view.  He is about medium height, not ultra short or tall, but to some it’s known as the fun height.  He’s got a classically young looking face and body, a short dark military hair cut and huge killer brown eyes.  Testosterone radiates off of his body which is strong and confident.  Although a regular guy he permeates heavy doses of mystery and superiority.   He sports khaki shorts and a camouflage tank top with the words “ARMY” on the front and “FUCK” on the back.

His shorts hang casually over his ass, which is full and round.  His ass makes some heterosexual guys drool and secretly fantasize what it would be like if they experimented once.  They would never go through with it with another guy, but they can’t control their imagination.  Instead they direct their focus for a second at the smoky dude and wonder.  They attempt to wipe away the fantasy so as not to grow a hard on and have to explain it to their girlfriends, friends or themselves.  Only when he’s a largely evolved hetero guy who is sure of himself will it rarely bother him.

Jagger marches like a sergeant with frenetic energy grabbing onto the handle of the trash can.  He drags it away onto the sidewalk.  It makes a deathly echo into the air of the neighborhood.  He is here and making himself known.  A tone about him is intimidating.  Some beach folk walk by uncomfortable and rush past him quickly.

He hikes back to the truck and stares face forward horrified.  Butterflies swarm around in his stomach and his heart pounds faster in a rare vulnerability.  He wants to be shot dead right there on the street like a mountain lion that shouldn’t be roaming around the city.  Everything stops around him and nothing else matters.  Mesmerized by the new guy in his town he’s had a crush on since he first saw him.  Getting Jagger to feel any crushing feelings on anyone is impossible, but he feels an uncontrollable connection to this one.  It isn’t difficult to know why when you cross paths with the sweetest guy on the planet.

Garth stands half a block away in his own tracks eyeing Jagger.  Garth’s mouth moves half open in fear and wonderment.  His messy dirty blonde hair blows a little in the wind.  His deep green eyes pierce into Jagger’s heart.  Every shade of Jagger’s face becomes etched into Garth’s mind.  He has red lifeguard shorts on and shirt while holding a surfboard under his arm.  He’s a different wild animal than Jagger, but untamed and unruly nonetheless.

Both dudes stand in stillness unable to move in the city jungle wondering if the other is a friend or threat they would need to fight to the death.  There’s no greater feeling than having a hot crush on someone, but there’s no worse feeling when the one you’re crushing on has no idea.  Neither are aware that they’re both thinking the same thing about the other.

Jagger’s breath leaves him and the guy’s cavernous eyes pound all over his body.  It’s as if an unknown entity is reaching down his throat with strong fingers and drawing the air out of his shaking soul.  Jagger has a soft spot for this guy, amidst his own menacing aura that people first see.

They both look away and at each other and then away.  It’s the typical shy school boy stance when crossing paths with a crush.

Garth continues on his walk down the slight slope knowing he will pass Jagger from across the street.

Jagger wants to die.  ‘Fuck me.  I have to complicate things by falling for someone.’

Garth senses Jagger’s eyes burning deep into him as he gets close enough to plant the grenade.  He works up the courage to be neighborly.  “Hey.”  His voice is gritty and rough, but he lights up like an angel.  He could talk a man into turning himself into the law and starting his life over in a better way.  Garth’s voice sounds like he is hanging onto what’s left of his teenage puberty, but he’s twenty-four years old and this is his voice.  Pushing six feet, he towers Jagger by just enough to overpower him if he wanted to.  Garth has a noticeable Aussie accent and is the most stunning creature Jagger has ever seen.  Jagger no longer has to worry about trying to write about love he has when he doesn’t have any.  He’s found his muse and damn inspiration.

Jagger remains cool, low and raspy when he responds, “Hello.”  His voice soothes Garth’s world and cradles it.   Garth trembles slightly with a nod as he passes him and continues on down to the crowded beach.  The white sands and blue sea up ahead is the spot that Garth would make love to Jagger every day all day and night if he could.  Having a crush on someone hurts because it often feels like it’s not shared.  This is why it’s a crush, because it crushes you.  You feel vulnerable and stupid as if you are alone in the equation.  Turning the feelings off is near impossible as you have no idea why you feel this way so intensely.  You wish you could turn it off so that you can relax and be cool.  Your crush might notice you more when they see your strong poise, instead of the disappointment, all thumbs aura and pain that rises whenever that person is in your vicinity.

Jagger climbs back into his truck to absorb Garth’s energy.  He sits for a moment exhaling and glancing up without lifting his head.  Garth is in the distance heading down to the beach and Jagger feels guilty for looking.  He places both hands on the steering wheel and leans his head over exhaling again. “Fuck.”

Garth is one of the hottest lifeguards on the beach.  Jagger uses every free second available to be consumed with thoughts of him.  He wonders about this guy to help him sleep throughout the night with sweet images of the two of them together.  Daydreaming of what it would be like to have him as part of his life.  This could be the Father of his kids!  The way Garth moves and the discipline he conveys inside and out that very few guys have in Jagger’s eyes lures him in even more.

Sometimes Garth goes for a run and his well-built body, his tight and toned legs, chest and arms seep through his shorts and his shirt if he has one on.  Jagger’s eyes make out every inch and shape of it all in hot eroticism.   His arms.  His ass.  He wonders what his cock would look like and what he would look like naked.  He wants to run his fingers through the little dark blonde hairs on his legs and let all of them stand up and take notice of him.

Jagger goes running too and every now and then the guys near pass each other while on their walk or jog, but those moments are far and few between.   It is all set up on divine timing when they’ll bump into one another next.  They already have a common ground.  They both like to take care of themselves.  Jagger doesn’t have to worry about some dude who enjoys getting sloshed all night at a club or bar on a regular basis destroying his health, looks, whole aura and being.  He can’t handle the instability and neurosis associated with someone who cannot make it a week without having a drink.

Garth watches Jagger with his mouth open ready to take his lips in.  He stands there in heat holding a fork and knife ready to go to town.  Sometimes Garth catches Jagger when he is outside or on his balcony on the street that commands the neighborhood as if he secretly owns it, but tells no one.  Garth gazes at him gaping in heavy teen love angst as if they are both fifteen, horny and in love.  He searches for the push to make his voice heard in his direction.  If he weren’t so damn good looking, he would be blended into the wall, an observer, a solid, quiet one with an active spirit.

Jagger knows Garth is the fucking ultimate babe, but tries desperately to get back to planet earth and snap out of it.  He’s tired of hallucinating as if he has a shot with him.  There is a nasty twinge in his side that convinces him that Garth doesn’t know he exists.  He’s left with feeling like the daily idiot he’s perfected so well whenever around him.  He wants to be hosed down with cold water and maybe it’ll go away.  Alleviate it off his body the way a car’s radiator steams out of the sides of the hood when it’s used every ounce of liquid it has.  Yet, he loves the way Garth watches him.  It seems like he’s in love with him.   He wants to believe that the guy is attracted to him.  Garth stares at him as if he’s never seen anyone like him before.  He sees him and sees who his soul truly is.  Jagger sometimes catches Garth watching him.  It drives him nuts and he coyly looks anywhere else, but at him.  He masturbates to thoughts of him with the Summer night breeze rushing into the living room of his home enveloping his body that drips with beads of sweat. Garth’s hands grabbing hold of Jagger’s body and kissing down it methodically.

Jagger jolts back to reality and hops out of his truck bummed out that it isn’t real.

Cars and trucks pull onto the street to park.  They are crammed with surfboards sticking out of their trunks or strapped onto the top of the cars.  Hot beach dudes and the occasional hot beach chick pull their surfboards out of their vehicles.  One by one they catch a glimpse of Jagger and smile.  They wave captivated knowing this is his home too.  They all assume a friendship on that tidbit alone.  Jagger slams the door to his truck closed and smiles at one of his local surf buds he recognizes in the bunch.  Trezner smiles back and heads over to Jagger.

Jagger hi-fives Trezner with a fist bump, “Hey man, you know they don’t let faggots surf here.”

Trezner wraps his arm tight around Jagger, “What’s up bitch?  I’m taking a break from the Malibu swells.  How have they been here this week?”

“In Hermosa baby, there are never any disappointments.  The waves have been blowin’ up the last couple days.”  Jagger’s eyes drift out to sea on the sidewalk in the distance where Garth was not long before.  The sidewalk path sparkles with light where his earth angel had passed.  Trezner smirks smitten by Jagger who is oblivious by the attention.

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Jagger’s Revolution is a modern day love story about a tough beach thug on a hunt to conquer his love crush. Take a journey with Jagger through his dating dalliances and crushing love frustrations. He is surrounded by his colorful friends: The preppy book smart Troy, the high powered executive, Russell, and the sex loving and relationship hating Slade.

Dive into Jagger’s early years in a series of autobiographical essays revolving around the author’s love life including: The Five Year Old Incident, The High School Episode with Billy, Natasha: The Escort Chick, The Drug Conquest, Sage and The Vegas Stripper Club and Jagger’s Break as a Sex Columnist. Jagger is the alter ego of the author and he finds exhaustion with several dating entanglements that includes: Caden: the Malibu Cobra, the Skaterboy, The Englishman and The Professor.

All throughout his love, dating and sex scenarios, Jagger experiences the kind of crush and love one has as a teenager over Garth, the new lifeguard from Australia. He wrestles with an immediate silent connection with him and longs to get close.

Jagger’s Revolution contains hard biting dating wisdom surrounded by true accounts of being slighted by love while craving for that perfect mate. If Jagger develops the courage to go for it, then he just might get his wish with his lifeguard dude in the end.

Reader Advisory Warning: “Jagger’s Revolution” contains some sexually graphic and explicit content.

What readers have said about the book: 

“Wow! I just read “Jagger’s Revolution”. Hot! Yum! It’s almost like a jerk off reading.”

“I hate reading, but this was the first book I actually finished all the way through since High School. It was great.”

“This book rocked my soul truly. I loved it.”

“It is hot over here and that book of yours only inflames things more.”

“This book was making me moist. I had to put it down because I was on a plane. It was embarrassing.”

Jagger’s Revolution was a beautiful story.”

“I finished reading Jagger’s Revolution. I almost felt guilty reading some of it. I was trying to come at it from an analytical perspective, but I couldn’t help but become secretly aroused by Jagger and his friends.”

“This book sort of gave me a ‘Rebel Without a Cause” feel, but with a lot more penetration. That wasn’t a bad feeling.”

“I love Jagger tearing around the corner. That guy is so hot. I want one.”

“I read your book and I get hard, then I get flaccid, then hard again. You say something that makes you stop and think, then it switches gears and I get hard again.”

“Eww you have sex with girls in your book. Yuck! But the Billy sex! Mmm! Instant hard on reading.”

“I read your book and it was really good by the way.”

“Wow Jagger’s Revolution was kind of a gay book, but with a sex and the city edge. Loved it!”

“Crawling under the sheets is an expression loosely used to describe that instance where you bare all, but you took it one step further with this book.”

“Nice transition at the coffee shop into Slade. I heard the voicemail beep and it was Slade. I had to read to find out who he is!!”

“Love your book!! Awesome erotic stuff 🙂 but you probably get that a lot.”

“Was impressed by the books eloquence and passion.”

“When you say gay friendships missing morality and loyalty.  Kevin you are right I agree.”

“Billy and Jagger.  Hot scene Kevin.  I had visuals”


If you enjoyed the book, feel free to write a positive review!

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The first Pope who supports others including homosexuality to an extent

Many observers insist that gestures of modesty and compassion cannot alter basic beliefs. But Francis has said, “I would not speak about ‘absolute’ truths, even for believers.”

Many observers insist that gestures of modesty and compassion cannot alter basic beliefs. But Francis has said, “I would not speak about ‘absolute’ truths, even for believers.”

The current Pope is the first to say something remotely compassionate when it comes to homosexuality.  He may not have said everything you want to hear, but his statements have a huge impact to his followers.  The fact that he uttered the slightest bit of tolerance instead of all negative is a step in the right direction.  Yeah, maybe its baby steps, but at least its facing down the right road.  No one else can come close to influencing the minds of the devout Catholic followers than the Pope.  So the fact that he said something that just might offer even the slightest bit of change in the way his followers think, makes him an important contributor this past year.


“We have to find a new balance, otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel,” Pope Francis said in an interview.  “The church has sometimes locked itself up in small things, in small-minded rules,’ Francis said. “The people of God want pastors, not clergy acting like bureaucrats or government officials.”

“A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality,” he said to Jesuit priest Fr. Antonio Spadaro, who conducted the interview for La Civilta Cattolica. “I replied with another question: ‘Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?’ We must always consider the person.”

The comments on gays and lesbians follow up on remarks Francis made aboard the papal airplane in July when asked about gay priests. “Who am I to judge?” the pope then said, in a quote that made international front-page headlines. In Thursday’s interview, Francis clarified that those comments were about all gay people and not only priests.

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Many gay men are single because they prefer to be the hunted rather than the hunter

A recent forum thread posed the question to gay men if they preferred to be the hunter or hunted.   The answer as to why so many gay men are single was evident by the majority of responses.  Surprisingly a whopping 87% of gay men admitted to preferring to be the hunted.  Some cited reasons as being too shy or that if someone is hunting them then they must be really into them.  In the process of answering this question it revealed why so many gay men are single. They’re all waiting for a hunter to swoop in and come after them, but the problem is there are not a lot of admitted hunters out there, so most of these gay men will remain single unless they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and just go for it and becoming a hunter.

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Sarah Brightman is headed to space before Lady Gaga

Sarah Brightman is headed to space before Lady Gaga.  Reports are going around that Lady Gaga is the first recording artist to head to space.  This is inaccurate reporting as Sarah Brightman is scheduled to go long before Lady Gaga.  Of course reports are out that many are hoping that when Lady Gaga goes, she’ll stay there.  I’m with them on this one.  Saw Sarah Brightman live recently.  Someone in the audience mumbled that they’d love to see Lady Gaga try and sing like that.  Of course they were being sarcastic.  Brightman doesn’t need to wear a meat dress to get attention.  Her voice and music can attract others on it’s own.

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People cheer as man is burned to death at West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

People cheer as man is burned to death at West Hollywood Halloween Carnival.  I don’t know who the bigger idiots are.  The crowd of dumb fucks cheering and dancing like a bunch of idiots while a man is set on fire to his death.  Or the man who set himself on fire by lighting a cigarette while wearing a costume made out of straw.

Festival-goers can be seen on a video dancing to electronic music and cheering as a man becomes engulfed in flames during West Hollywood’s annual Halloween carnival.

Gilbert Estrada, 51, later died. The video posted on YouTube shows him lying unresponsive after the fire was extinguished. Detectives say it appears Estrada may have accidentally started the fire while trying to light a cigarette.

As Estrada flails, some bystanders can be heard cheering. Others help put out the flames. One bystander recorded the scene with a cellphone camera and posted it on the video website.

Luckily, there were some fuck heads who quickly pulled out their cell phones to video tape it and post it on You Tube.  Let’s thank them, otherwise we’d have no proof that this happened.

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Children react positively to Same Sex Marriage proposals

Children react positively to Same Sex Marriage proposals in this video.  This only debunks the myth that organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and other disgusting allegedly family organizations are wrong that it destroys children.  In this video below the children react positively to the Same Sex Marriage proposals.  This is because Children have NO judgement. It’s warped and ruined adults who FORCE their negative toxic influences on them over time.  Children know love when they see it.

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Gays raising families tend to live in areas where gays are not accepted and some want to know why

According to polls and statistics out there, it shows that those who are gay and raising families tend to live in areas where politically no one is accepting of that.  Many are questioning why and coming up with all sorts of theories and suggestions, but yet are still stumped.

Some of the more obvious reasons they are living in those areas are (1) They were already living there to begin with. (2) Those areas are more conducive to raise a family and children. (3) Those areas are more affordable to live in. You can buy a 3 bedroom house for a price that doesn’t exist in metropolitan big city areas.

Cities that are more accepting of gays are cities like L.A., NYC, Chicago and San Francisco. But those big cities are too expensive to raise a family in. They’re too expensive for a single person to live in. The gays in those major cities are mostly single and they head out there in hopes of being accepted. Of course you’re chasing a dream since big cities are more fast paced, people are more stressed out and more into getting ahead and being noticed. Gays don’t move to big cities with the intention of getting married, buying a home and having a family. It’s just rare. And if they are in a relationship, the likelihood of it lasting are not strong. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but it is also rare. So these smaller more conservative towns, regardless of their stance on gays marrying and raising families, are more practical to be in despite the lack of acceptance. It’s not like there is that much acceptance from your gay peers in big cities anyway, so what difference does it make. I’d rather be where its quieter and cheaper where you’re getting more bang for your buck. People tend to be more respectable as they move about in smaller towns regardless of their beliefs.

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Universal Studios has a homophobic act at Halloween Haunts; Gay friendly rapper Eminem uses homophobic slurs in new song

Universal Studios Hollywood has included a homophobic live action show at the Halloween Haunts event.  

It is the ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure’ where Bill and Ted have to kill witches before they can return home.   But when Superman arrives to help the pair, a witch sprinkles ‘fairy dust’ on him – transforming him into an over the top and not funny flamey caricature of a gay man.  

With a scream of ‘fabulous!’ the character launches into full camp mode – affecting a lisped voice, limp wrist and removing his shirt and trousers.   Stripped down to just a small pair of underpants, he leaps around the stage blowing kisses and flirts outrageously with Ted. 

It is truly boring and lame.  

It’s 2013 and the media and organizations like Universal are still shoving this one-dimensional stereotype that gay men are all a bunch of effeminite, wrist hanging, lisp speaking, Broadway show loving bimbos in tight spandex.   It was expected in the 80’s when there was a lack of knowledge about what gay is, but doing that into the 90’s and beyond is truly tragic.  The only gays who don’t have a problem with it are those who fit the description of this same tired gay depiction being done over and over.  And this is done for comedy.  They’re making fun of you.  Wake up.

Now we’ve got the talented rapper/producer Eminem in hot water with his gay bashing ways.  His new song lyrics go something like this:

Little gay-looking boy / So gay I can barely say it with a straight face-looking boy / You witnessing massacre like you watching a church gathering taking place-looking boy / ‘Oy vey, that boy’s gay,’ that’s all they say looking-boy / You take a thumbs up, pat on the back, the way you go from your label every day-looking boy.


Even though I walk in the church and burst in a ball of flames / Only Hall of Fame I be inducted in is the alcohol of fame / On the wall of shame / You fags think it’s all a game ’til I walk a flock of flames


I attempt these lyrical acrobat stunts while I’m practicing that / I’ll still be able to break a motherfuckin’ table / Over the back of a couple of faggots and crack it in half / Only realized it was ironic I was signed to Aftermath after the fact

When he raps he’s playing a character that’s not him. Unfortunately, this character is homophobic, but doesn’t mean Eminem is. Using homophobic bashing in rap songs is getting a little old and vintage at this point.  Time to grow up already.  I don’t know why I thought the entertainment business had wised up and realized that gay bashing and gay stereotypes are no longer interesting or entertainment.  It’s tired.  Forget whether or not its offensive, it’s just plain dumb and lacking in creativity.

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Crystal Dixon was fired for being homophobic and anti-gay

Crystal Dixon, fired from UT on May 8, 2008, alleged in her lawsuit that she was being punished for private political speech.Crystal Dixon, an African-American woman and former human resource director was fired due to her anti-gay rants in an Op Ed for the University of Toledo.  She sued the University saying that this violates her First and Fourth Amendment rights.  I love that anti-gay people or those that run around preaching hate love to MIS-use and abuse their alleged rights.  They want the right to act like an ass.  Luckily, the court did not support her lawsuit.

How someone is a human resource director and then bad mouths other groups and people, I’ll never understand.  Thankfully, the University of Toledo agrees with my stance, which is why they immediately terminated Crystal Dixon’s employment.  Let her work for an organization that supports her beliefs.  Or move to a country that is ALL anti-gay like some of the middle eastern countries or Russia.  She’ll be much happier and supported there.

Here is some of what she wrote:

“As a Black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo’s Graduate School, an employee and business owner, I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are “civil rights victims.” Here’s why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. I am genetically and biologically a Black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle evidenced by the growing population of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex Gays) and Exodus International just to name a few….”

She should’ve known better as a human resource representative.  Her job is to protect all classes of people.  By the way, Exodus International closed its doors and issued an apology to all of the gays that they hurt through insisting that conversion therapy works, when they came to the conclusion it does not.  This is because god created gays just as he created african americans.

Exodus wrote:

“I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have experienced. I am sorry that some of you spent years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attractions didn’t change. I am sorry we promoted sexual orientation change efforts and reparative theories about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents.”

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Annie Lennox, Cher and Sinead O’Connor have spoken out against Miley Cyrus

Annie Lennox, Cher and Sinead O’Connor have spoken out against Miley Cyrus and her overtly pornographic performance at the VMA’s.  I can see how mature artists with a history of music and entertainment relevancy are wondering where pop culture is headed.  What next?  You just walk on stage completely naked and have sex with your dancers to the music?  Miley’s performance only became a big deal when the world decided to make it a big deal.  She’s being talked about more than any other artist today so Miley and her people don’t plan on stopping that momentum anytime soon.  I thought she was just having a good time on stage and acting silly.  I didn’t play too much into it and moved on.  Children shouldn’t be watching those shows anyway.  That’s the parents fault.

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