Four Texas men use Grindr to assault victims

Four Texas men have been using Grindr to lure gay men with the belief it will be a casual encounter only to show up the gay man’s place and steal and assault them.  This is not happening in Russia believe it or not, but in the Texas and in the United States.  The assaults took place in Plano, Frisco, and Aubrey, Texas.

Anthony Shelton, 19; Nigel Garrett, 21; Chancler Encalade, 20; and Cameron Ajiduah, 18, are being charging with conspiring to cause bodily injury to people because of their sexual orientation.

Once the four were inside the victims homes, they used firearms and restrained the victims with tape while making derogatory statements about their homosexuality. The four causing the assault also stole the victim’s property including cars.

Many gay men are under the belief that because they’re living in the United States where Marriage Equality exists, that it must mean they’re safe and everybody loves gays. Marriage Equality allows two people of the same gender to get married under the eyes of the law, but that’s it.  It doesn’t mean every single person in the country is cool with gays as evident by the continuous hate crimes that exist and in this scenario.

This is the not the first time gay men have been attacked on the Grindr app, although the media tends to mostly report about the Craigslist attacks.   When using the Grindr app, or any app for that matter, you shouldn’t be in a rush to meet someone as many of you are.  You have to take your time getting to know that person and who they are.  You have to see several photos of the person, not because you’re shallow and want to see if they’re fuck-able, but it’s to ensure it’s not a fake profile.  If the person looks too good to be true hot out of this world, then you’ll want to be leery of that, especially if the calibre of people that generally hit you up or not as hot looking as that.  If the photos look like it’s a hot male model, then question that.  Use your common sense and be leery, question who you’re talking to make sure the person is legit.

I’ve found through research on apps like Grindr that the majority of men hitting me up want to get it on immediately.  They lack in conversational skills.   You can’t learn anything about someone who uses one to three word responses and is trying to hook up with you right then and there.

And if you’re the one who typically hosts a meeting, then you need to be especially vigilante in ensuring the person you’re inviting into your home is legit.    You can’t be naive, and I’m sorry to say not many on the app are that careful.  I’ve conducted endless research and it’s dangerous how easy people are meeting up.


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What should you avoid talking about on a first date?

What should you avoid talking about on a first date?  Politics.  That’s a quick way to kill the date. No self respecting professional wants to hear a rant about politics anymore. They’ve seen enough on social media that it’s an instant turn off and boner killer.  It’s right up there with talking about the weather.

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If you’re meeting for the first time, then it’s not technically a real date.

If you’re meeting for the first time, then it’s not technically a real date. If you decide to go out after the first meeting, then you can call it a date. The first meeting is just that. A first meeting. You don’t know if you can be friends with the guy, let alone date him.

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