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Muslim Parents Come Together to Remove Gay Pre-School Teacher

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A band of Muslim parents have come together to try and remove a gay teacher from the school that their children go to according to the German press.  Strangely enough there isn’t that much outrage over that when their should be.  These parents fear the teacher will resort to pedophilia.    This isn’t anything new as it has been widely known that there is endless discrimination against gays by those predominately in Muslim countries where they kill anyone they suspect to be gay.   While not all faiths are anti-gay, there are anti-gay people in all groups that exist, just as there is racism and other forms of prejudice and discrimination.  Of course, in spiritual truth, all of human kind is loved by Heaven regardless of what some faiths tend to preach or believe.  In the meantime, these parents have removed their children from the school until the gay teacher is removed.  A petition is currently flying around them.

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What should you avoid talking about on a first date?

What should you avoid talking about on a first date?  Politics.  That’s a quick way to kill the date. No self respecting professional wants to hear a rant about politics anymore. They’ve seen enough on social media that it’s an instant turn off and boner killer.  It’s right up there with talking about the weather.

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If you’re meeting for the first time, then it’s not technically a real date.

If you’re meeting for the first time, then it’s not technically a real date. If you decide to go out after the first meeting, then you can call it a date. The first meeting is just that. A first meeting. You don’t know if you can be friends with the guy, let alone date him.

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