Createspace and KDP Kindle Amazon ban the book “Jagger’s Revolution” due to racy content

Createspace and KDP Kindle Amazon banned the book “Jagger’s Revolution” due to homophobia.   Createspace and KDP Kindle are an affiliate with Amazon, although they don’t conduct their business with the same mode of decorum as Amazon does.  Amazon is welcoming of all products, where as Createspace and KDP Kindle believe in censorship and banning books.

It’s recently come to light that Createspace and KDP Kindle have banned the book “Jagger’s Revolution” authored by Kevin Hunter.  The reason is due to the book being too hot for them to handle!  They found issue with the sexually charged nature of the story and that it is primarily about gays and gay relationships.  For those that don’t know, Createspace and KDP Kindle is primarily based in South Carolina, which is predominately a conservative state.  They clearly have censoring, uptight, puritans making the decisions over there.

The book “Jagger’s Revolution” is a story about a tough guy who lives in a beach town.  He’s got an unwavering love crush on the local hot lifeguard.  The book touches on love crushes and the dating issues that others face in the current modern day world.  It is bemusing to the public as to why Createspace and KDP Kindle Amazon have chosen to overlook the plot line of the book and focus solely on the sexually charged passages that exist.  Createspace and KDP Kindle were so offended by the book that they were unable to respond to comments posed to them by the media surrounding their warped decision making.

We’ve discovered that the book will be available again soon through another more open minded distributor of books.  For those interested in picking up a copy of “Jagger’s Revolution“, stay tuned or check the author’s website for an update on when it will be available.  Support all books, writers, authors and artists even if the content makes you uncomfortable!  Say no to censorship!!

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