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The Vegas Stripper Club

Excerpt chapter sample taken from the book, “Jagger’s Revolution” with permission.  This is based on true events.

Las Vegas is beautiful desert nights, warm winds, Steve Miller band blaring out of the speakers and cold beer.  Sin City was the beginning of Jagger’s lifelong friendship with Sage.  His connection with Sage bloomed with basic common interests along with their similar temperaments.  They were both born in the same year and are into the same things.  Classic rock, the beach and the Vegas desert baby!

Sage is one of those super hot guys that will walk into a room with pompous arrogance and everyone including him knows he’s the shit.  Women love him.  Men love him.  He’s not like Slade exactly, although there are certain physical similarities.  The black hair, blue eyes and similar build bit.  Slade is into guys, while Sage is into girls.

Sage is a buff guy, a genuine jock who loves his football Jersey’s.  He even plays the game once in awhile.  He’s the kind of guy who puts up cardboard cutout stands of his favorite sports players around his apartment.  He loves women and has many admirers around him.  He has a flavor every week in fact.  After he initially grew close to Jagger he had an attraction to frequenting the gay clubs and bars.  He would drag Jagger with him who ironically loves the sports bars, because he can chill without being gawked at, judged or bugged.  It has nothing to do with bisexuality or bi-curious or secretly gay or any of the bullshit labels that gossip mongers sit around in circles analyzing to death so they can justify who they are in hopes of gaining comfort from it.  Bisexuality is not all black and white because sexuality is not all black and white.  Sage loves the gay bars and clubs for the energy, the freedom, and the confidence that isn’t hidden away the way it is in the frat clubs.  He has an Italian background and with that often comes a big cock!

Sage was dating Jacey who is one of Jagger’s sisters.  Jacey is a stripper/dancer.  Her dating set up with Sage only lasted a month, but in that time Sage and Jagger became reacquainted.  Jagger had worked with Sage a year before this, but he wasn’t friends with him.  Jagger, Sage and Jacey had no idea they were all connected somehow.

At twenty-four years old, Jagger had spent a year becoming a more intelligent being.  He fixed himself up and loved his complete removal from his drug using relationship days with Reed over a year before.

Jacey had been dating Sage for a week when she called Jagger up.  “Do you know who Sage is?”

“No.”  Jagger said.  He did not remember that a year before he had worked with him.

“Well, he knows you!”  She said.

“I don’t know who that is.”

“We were talking the other day and he said, ‘Wait a minute, do you have a brother named Jagger?’

After her endless description of him, it dawned on him who Sage was.  Jagger remembered the image of this hot looking guy who walked with a cool vibe to his step.  He thought it bordered pretentious and obnoxious.  Sage worked all the girls who swooned and competed for him.  He was always hooking up with some girl at a party.

Jagger was turned off.  “Oh okay.  I remember him now.  You know what, let me tell you something about Sage, he’s so smooth that you guys will be finished before you start.  He’s with a different girl every other week.”

A few days passed and Jacey called Jagger up again. “Sage wants you to come over for dinner.”

Jagger sighed irritated and having no interest in seeing or talking to Sage.  “No thanks.”

“Come on it’ll be fun.  Becky is coming too.  You like her.   We can throw a little party together.”

“Look, I’m not interested.”

“He wants to see you.”  Jacey attempted again.

“Oh brother.  What for?”

“Don’t be a jerk.”  Jacey kept pressing until Jagger succumbed to the pressure, “Fine, what time?”

Jagger walked into Jacey’s house to go toe to toe with Sage.  Sage was hotter than before.  He was buff, strong, muscular and quickly turned shy when Jagger appeared.  His eyes dilated over him nervously.  Jagger thought it was a different side of Sage he hadn’t seen before.  He shook his head and thought, ‘Great he knows about my history.  Thanks, Jacey.’

Sage found Jagger secretly beautiful, yet all male.  He was immediately comfortable with him.  They both barely had to put in any effort to connect.  It was a natural back and forth camaraderie.  Much different than how Jagger originally remembered him a year before.

After Jagger and Sage had official get to know you polite chitchat, Becky arrived at the house and the real party began.

Becky is voluptuous, sensual, and sexual.  She and her longtime boyfriend have porn out all over their apartment.  Adult Magazines and DVD’s piled sky high in every corner.  Jagger was Becky’s friend for a bit and when he had enough of her antics he walked away. She conveniently moved into Jacey’s life after that.  Jagger saw it as a lousy attempt to get close to him.  Years passed and both made their peace with it.  Neither of them brings it up.

After Becky arrived, the girls went to smoke on the balcony.  Jagger cranked up his Classic Rock music, which included Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles rotating at a high decibel out of the speakers.

“No fucking way man!  I love this too!”  Sage smiled from ear to ear heading over to Jagger to hi-five him.  Jagger was stunned that he was finding himself warming up to Sage.  He never could have guessed that would happen in a million years.

Sage shouted, “Come on man let’s do some Vodka shots.”  They went into the kitchen and Sage pulled out the bottle and began pouring.

“1-2-3.” They clinked glasses and shot it.

The good buzz seeped in and they did another one before they got unmanageably crazy.  The girls took a break from their cigarettes to run inside to grab shots as well.

Jagger entertained Sage expounding on juicy mini-plots with his stories.  The look in Sage’s eye was one of passion and glimmer.  He sat back on the couch not able to keep his eyes off Jagger who was sitting on the floor near him.  Sage wanted to hear more beautiful words out of his mouth.  He was secretly drawn to him in a deep friendship way and couldn’t help fantasizing about him a bit.  If he weren’t into girls he’d be falling in love with him.  He knew that much.  Why can’t Jagger be a girl?  Sage thought.  He would marry him on the spot.

The buzz overtook Jagger after several hours.  He crawled on the floor in the middle of his story and went to sleep under the coffee table.  Sage was dumbfounded, amused and attracted at the same time.  He couldn’t help himself or his thoughts.

When Jagger woke up the next morning, he was in his sister’s spare room asleep.

Messages abound on his cell phone.

He called his sister back who was out at the strip club rehearsing and hanging out with her dancing gal pals.

“Wanted to make sure you were okay sleepyhead.  Sage was worried and he’s been calling me all morning to check up on you.”

 Jagger scratched his forehead.  Why would Sage give a shit?

“He carried you to the bedroom!”  She said.

“What?  Oh geez.”

“He wants to see you again.  He really likes you.  He was saying, ‘damn, your brother is amazing!  He has so much personality!   I genuinely want to get to know him.’

Jagger wondered why it sounded like they had been on a date.  He mumbled, “I liked him too.”

“Good because he wants to go to Vegas and wants you to come with us.  It’ll be the four of us.  You, me, Sage and Becky.”

“Oh god.   I don’t know.  I don’t think so.”

Jacey urged and pleaded, but Jagger didn’t budge.

Sage asked Jacey for Jagger’s phone number so that he could begin the process of working him. He was determined to do whatever it took to get Jagger to come with them.  He courted Jagger’s own buddies for advice on how to convince him.  One of those friends explained to Sage on how it is.  “Jagger does this.  It can be like running into a wall with him sometimes, but he’ll go.  Just keep pressing him.  Don’t back down and he’ll come around.  He’ll realize your interest is solid and it’ll speak volumes of your character.”

Sage didn’t back down.  He kept on until the night before they were to drive to Vegas.  Jagger pulled up at Sage’s place with his bags without a word.

“YES!  Man!”  Sage laughed excited like a happy kid.  He barged out of his apartment and jumped over the stairwell.  He jogged up to Jagger and gave him a big, tight hug.  Jagger chuckled thrown off by the exuberance, but turned on by it too.

The girls sat in the front seat driving everyone through the desert of California to Vegas.  Jagger and Sage sat in the back seat talking each other up the entire way like two close brothers.  The more Jagger spoke, the more fondness Sage grew for him.

In Las Vegas, Sage taught Jagger how to play blackjack so he could win some serious money.  Jagger became hooked on the game.  This went on all night until about 3:30 in the morning when all four caught up with each other in the busy casino on the downtown strip.  They went outside and passed a strip club which made Jacey excited.  “Let’s check it out!”

All four of them walked into the dark strip club with the music pounding in their chests.  It grew louder as they worked their way in to the place owning it.  The stage lights were focused on a couple of hot looking girls with their tops off.  They spun around on poles in their own occupied territory.  They were sexy beautiful Angelina Jolie voluptuous type girls.  Jagger and Sage both had growing boners watching their bouncing tits in the patron’s faces.

Sage and Jagger sat in their own little booth big enough for two.  Jacey and Becky walked past six empty booths and sat further away from the boys.  A cocktail waitress named Daisy walked up to Jagger and Sage with a couple drinks.  “Hey boys, how would you like one of these girls to take you in the back alone and give you a private lap dance?”

Sage laughed self-consciously becoming snowed under by all the hot sex.  “I don’t know if it’s such a good idea.”  His playful and alluring smile oozed the words I’m going to fuck you good tonight.  “Some people might not like that.  Some people might get mad.”

“I won’t get mad.”  Daisy answered naively, the ringlets in her hair falling clumsily onto her shoulders as she balanced her tray in tact under her hand.

He knew she hadn’t caught on yet.  “No, what I mean is you know how a pendulum swings one way and for others it swings another way?”  His hand made gestures from one side to the other moving his sexy body from right to left.

“Oh yeah!”  She said believing she understood how having sex works.  “We get all kinds of guys in here.  Some with dicks that go this way and others that go that way.”  She trusted it was the curvature and the direction the cock was pointing.  She was proud of how it was all coming to her.

“No, that’s not what I meant either.  What I mean is if one of these girls takes me back there and dances over me half naked…” He signaled with both of his hands towards Jagger.  “My boyfriend here won’t exactly be happy about it and I don’t want to upset him.”

Jagger raised one eyebrow up for a second by what came out of Sage’s mouth.  He quickly agreed and went along with the charade falling right into character.  He leaned towards Sage while nodding up at the woman.  “Yeah, I won’t like that.  Don’t do it Sage.”

“Oh!” she nodded obsessively with her thousand silver bracelets around her wrist shaking and clanking together in a beautiful orchestration.  “I get it.  Hey, you know I totally understand that.  I love it!   I’m from Texas and my cousin who lives there is gay.  He’s one of the greatest guys I know.  He’s one of my best friends.”

Jagger’s amused by her naivety.

“Yeah, so you can understand why it wouldn’t be a good idea.”  Sage paused drawing up a polished smile, “But what we would like to do is this.  Do you see those two girls down there chatting in the dark?”  He pointed to Jacey and Becky in the distance who were watching the girls dancing and comparing notes.  “The girl on the left with the darker hair, her name is Becky and she would love a dance.  I’m going to give you some money here.”  He pulled bills out of his wallet.  “You send her the best dancer you have.”

“You got it!”  Daisy’s fervent spirit shouted out to the eons of energy around them as she worked her huge, red hooker pumps down towards Jacey and Becky.

Sage and Jagger burst out in silent open mouth laughter clasping their hands together in a harmonious hi-five.  They reveled like two naughty sixteen-year-old boys who got away with vandalizing some property.  Sage gripped and held onto Jagger’s hand affectionately for seconds longer than what would’ve been conceived by some as crossing the line.  He swiftly entered into an aura of silent infatuation for Jagger.

They looked on in the girl’s direction with eager intent.  They could see them in the dark at the other end of the club.  Becky looked up at Daisy with concern.  The boys watched Daisy’s animated hands moving about the air as if she was explaining how to put together a model airplane.  Becky let out a loud, colorful laugh and the boys could hear her shout in the distance. “Oh my god!”  She brought both her hands to her mouth delirious.

Daisy placed her hand out to escort Becky to one of the back rooms where it’s darker and more intimate.  It’s also where her stripper/dancer awaited.  It’s the place that only the seedy men go, the political judges, young college jocks, and psycho accountants who lock themselves up in their dark houses.

Jacey walked over to the bar to strike up a conversation with four of the stripper dancers.  Some were waiting patiently for an available dance space on the podium in the center of the club, while others were on break.  It was in the middle of the night and they weren’t that slammed with patrons.

Sage moved out of the booth and gazed over at Jagger with a smile.  “Come on babe.”  He put his hand out cupped towards Jagger insinuating he wanted to hold Jagger’s hand.  It was Sage’s flirting opportunity to dance around what is dangerous to him.  It’s his way of being able to experience what’s it’s like to play intimate with another guy safely, and with one he trusts and can be close to more than any other.  One he is completely comfortable with in opening himself up with in playful experimentation.

Jagger focused on Sage’s hand before grabbing it as they showed each other off by roaming through the dark club to the bar area.  They moved in closer next to each other as they walked.  Sage took Jagger’s hand and glided it up his arm to feel his bicep and their friendship enclosed them in a much more real way.   Sage smiled wide getting an adrenaline rush.  He is a real guy who is not afraid to be brave even if Jagger knows that it would never happen romantically for them.  Jagger is pleased to have met a platonic friend regardless.  They’re role playing and being silly.

Some of the dancers looked over and beamed at the two hot dudes together at the bar.  It was as if they’ve been a strong, close, power couple for years and the relationship only continues to get better.

It seemed as if hours had passed when Becky emerged out of the dark distance.  She pulled up on her tight leather top, black leather mini skirt and black heels.  “Oh my god that was so fucking good!”  She fanned herself with her hand trying to bring her down from orgasm.  “It was absolutely amazing!”

Jacey stood feet away from her laughing with her newfound Vegas stripper posse.

“I’m so wet below.  I need a cigarette.”  She reached into her purse and pulled one out.  “Her name was Candy and she said she could do things with me that she couldn’t do with the guys.  It was fucking amazing!”  She took a drag of her cigarette.  “She was basically dry fucking me.”

Sage laughed and said, “I’m glad you liked it because Carla here…” He gestured to the smiling tall beauty that stood behind the clan.  “She’s going to take you to the back and give you another one.”

“Oh my god!”  Becky lost it being led away by Carla’s hand, “I’m going to kill you guys.”  Becky and Carla disappeared into the dark for additional dry humping.

Later that night at around 5 am…

The foursome stumbled back to the two hotel rooms they had rented in one of the Vegas high rises.  Jagger took the room that was vacant of the two while the girls and Sage went into the other one.

About ten minutes later, the boy couldn’t wait because there was a knock at Jagger’s door.  It was Sage.

Jagger allowed the door to fall open and walked away from it.  Sage followed in with gusto.  “I’m staying here.  Those girls are going to be chatty with each other and it will annoy me.”

“Sure come on in, but there’s only one bed.”  Jagger turned around to face him and motioned towards the huge King size bed pointing at him like a gun.

“That’s okay we can sleep in the same bed.”  Sage was comfortable with his manhood, which pulled Jagger back in suspicion.

They could hear the girls giggling and talking loudly down the hall making their way into Jagger’s room that was still open.  Jacey said, “Hey guys.  Let’s go to the top of the hotel.  There’s a pool up there and we want to go swimming.”

“It’s five in the morning I’m going to sleep.”  Jagger climbed into the bed and under the covers.  “You guys go ahead.”

Sage looked at Jagger and at the girls, then leaped up and jumped onto the bed.  “I’m staying here with Jagger.”

Becky looked at Jacey dumbfounded for a split second wondering if Sage meant more.  She was onto him.  They didn’t need to say anything, because Jagger read it on her face.

Becky thought it was strange that Sage wanted to stay with Jagger instead of with the girl he was dating, Jacey. “Fine, we’ll see you tomorrow.”  She said as they both made their exit.

“It is tomorrow.”  Jagger mumbled.

“Nah, who cares about them?”  Sage jumped up off the bed and walked over to the door latching it shut in everyway imaginable.  He locked Jagger in the room like a wanted prisoner.

Sage walked back into the room and slipped off his jeans, revealing his muscular and toned legs.  He walked into the bathroom leaving the door open.  Jagger could hear the shower turn on while Sage talked about how much fun the strip club was.

The door of the bathroom wasn’t facing Jagger, but he knew it was left open.  He heard Sage climb into the shower and the sound of the water rushing out and running down Sage’s hard naked body.  ‘Fuck.  Why is he doing that?  Why didn’t he shut the door?’  Jagger tried to wipe the image out of his mind, but he wanted to get in there with him.  ‘Sage is fucking hot and it’s a waste that he’s into girls.’

Sage stepped out of the shower, put a towel around his waist, and walked out into the room where Jagger was.  He did that on purpose.  He wanted Jagger to see.  He’s such an exhibitionist and getting a rush from it.  There was nothing needed out in the room.  All he did was come out to open a few of the empty drawers and fumble with the TV remote.  He stood there with the towel around his waist switching the channels that only revealed how to play black jack and get around the Vegas strip.

Sage disappeared out of Jagger’s view back into the bathroom and came out in his black silk boxers.

Oh fuck. 

Oh yum. 

He took quick steps that moved into a run and jumped onto the bed.   He stretched out on his side around Jagger.

“Hey.”  He said in a lowly, flirtatious voice crawling over the bed and climbing underneath the covers.

Jagger scratched his forehead and looked down trying not to look or he’ll be too aroused. “O-Kayyy, yeah, hey.”

Sage brought up a topic of discussion surrounding the whole same-sex attraction thing and how he’s fine with it.  He said that he has never done anything with a guy, but that he’s supportive of it and likes Jagger.  He said his two lines of support and never dwelled on it again.

He’s amazing in Jagger’s eyes, not because he’s hot or because they’re into each other, but because their personalities and interests are similar.  They have the same amount of risk-taking, which is a lot.  And they are both ready to leave the casino or the party at the same time.  They are like super close brothers.

Sage reached over to switch off the light.  Jagger tried his best not to stare at his naked skin, but everything about Sage was arousing to him.  He absorbed the heat off his body like a sponge and wanted his body close to him all night.  Jagger stripped down to his boxers while in the bed.

Sage got comfortable and adjusted to move closer towards Jagger as if he was making it happen by thinking it.  Sage talked a little about what they should all do when they wake up. He simultaneously took another opportunity to move physically closer to Jagger.

Sage’s arm brushed against Jagger’s back and stayed there.

Jagger’s eyes opened and his back was towards Sage who was nearly spooning him.

Oh, damn.  Seriously?

Jagger jolted a little bit and tried to get comfortable.  Sage moved around him to get even more comfortable.  This was by moving his hand onto Jagger’s side a little with affection.  Jagger was thinking hard about other things so as not to grow an erection, but it was too late.  He was growing.

Fuuuck, what is he doing?

Sage noticed that Jagger didn’t jolt or shout with a ‘hey now just what the hell do you think you’re doing?’  He took that as a clue to move his arm around Jagger some more.  It was the first time he ever showed physical affection with another male this drastically before.  He was getting a real rush of adrenaline inside and wanted to test it out.

Minutes passed and they both grew quiet.  Sage initiated another intimate action with Jagger.  He wrapped his left leg around Jagger tight like a spider dragging his body up against his solid web.  Jagger’s full bubble ass was pressed against Sage’s crotch area firm.  Sage moaned trembling slightly enjoying the hotness of Jagger’s ass pressed against where his cock is.  Sage stunned himself as he discovered he was growing hard.

“Fuck.  You gotta be kidding.”  Sage whispered excited into the back of Jagger’s neck chuckling nervously.  The heat from his breath and voice warmed every cell of Jagger’s.  Sage couldn’t believe how fucking hot Jagger felt.

Jagger felt Sage’s bulge get fatter and begin to grow significantly.  It was like a huge stabbing rock.  Sage moved his body against Jagger’s body slow, hard and strong.  It was several smooth pulsating thrusts as he simulating fucking him.  Sage’s mind wandered reaching near faint over how hot this was making him feel.  He expected it a bit, but not to the point of becoming lightheaded.  Jagger sensed Sage’s breath move behind his neck.  Sage brushed his lips against it in a subtle way holding it there.

Sage continued to drive his body into him with his arms and leg wrapped around Jagger not letting go.  His kisses behind Jagger’s neck and upper back got hotter, longer and more passionate.

Jagger moved his body and head a little slightly towards Sage.  Sage’s lips took over Jagger’s lips in a succulent kiss.  Their tongues pushed their way into each other’s mouths immediately and stayed in there longer over each kiss.  Jagger’s heart pounded with excitement to know what it was like to kiss Sage.  Sage’s mind blew up into an array of fireworks.

Sage’s body found its way onto Jagger’s and this time Jagger’s legs wrapped around Sage’s body while they continued to kiss and make out for awhile.  Sage explored down Jagger’s body with his hands.

Jagger moved his hands up and down the sides of Sage’s body and around onto his back while Sage simulated fucking Jagger.  They continued with their mouth exploration as they moved up and down on each other fucking without penetration.  Jagger could feel Sage’s heart pounding rapidly against his own chest and heard the vibrations of his moaning.

Jagger’s hands found their way onto Sage’s boxers.  Sage’s erect cock was wet seeping through his boxers and onto Jagger’s skin.  Jagger pulled Sage’s boxers off slowly a little of the way down and glided his hands down over his bare ass.  Sage loved how this felt and he moved his body upwards over him.  Jagger continued to kiss him down his neck and all over his chest.  Jagger could see Sage’s smile wide in the dark.

Jagger pulled Sage’s boxers clear down to feel his cock out in the open and against his skin.  Sage moved his body upwards slowly feeling the sides of Jagger’s body.  He slid his cock into Jagger’s mouth with amazing ease.  His cock slid in and out of his mouth tight until his balls slapped against Jagger’s face.  Jagger tasted every good bit of him knowing this could be the last time.

He sucked him for nearly five minutes when Sage couldn’t contain it anymore.  He pulled his cock out of Jagger’s mouth and ejaculated cum all over Jagger’s chest.  He moaned loudly, “Agh!  Fuck yeah!”  Sage leaned down kissing Jagger and then laughed.  “Damn it guy.  I’m sorry that happened quick.”

Jagger rested his hand on Sage’s shoulder above him, “Never apologize.”

Sage reached down feeling Jagger’s cock up.  “Wow.  This is what it feels like.”  He stroked it while kissing Jagger until he came as well.

Sage put his arm around Jagger.  “That was the fucking best!”  He paused.  “I’ve never been sucked like that by a girl.”  He laughed.

Only a guy can please another guy because they know how they like it.  The same way only a girl understands how she likes it.  Sage jumped into the shower again, but this time pulled Jagger in with him.  He headed back to the bed even more comfortable with each other.

“I’m not gay or anything.”  Sage proceeded to say, “And it would be fine if I was, but there’s something about you that defies that.  Maybe I’m bi.  Eh who cares.  I can’t explain it.  You’re amazing.  You’re the only guy I’ve ever fantasized about and I couldn’t contain myself.  I thought if I’m going to experiment it would have to be with him.  I didn’t think I would nail you.”

Jagger laughed, “You were planning this!?”

Sage moved his hands over Jagger’s body and massaged his chest and stomach.  He worked his way into his boxers, running his hand down to grab and feel Jagger’s cock.  He stroked it slowly trembling at the intensity of what a cock felt like.  “You’re fucking sexy.  Your personality is not like anyone I’ve ever met.  I don’t know what it is, but it fucking turns me on.  And I’ve never thought that about another guy ever!  I have to keep saying that.”

“You don’t need to label it with anything.”  Jagger assured him.  “That’s for other’s to wrestle with.  This is what it is and nothing more. An experience. A connection with another soul.”

Sage smiled liking that.  He leaned into Jagger’s lips. “Let me kiss you some more.”  Sage tested Jagger’s lips and pushed his tongue sweetly into his mouth moaning at how good it felt.

Although that was the hottest moment for him, Sage and Jacey were at complete odds the rest of the trip arguing with one another.  On the way home Sage had enough of Jacey’s bitching and opted to sit in the back seat with Jagger.  He leaned his head on Jagger’s shoulder, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.  He wasn’t getting along with Jacey anymore as she was too high maintenance by starting little arguments over nothing.  He was over her and now into Jagger.  They arrived in L.A. to drop Sage off first.  He pulled his bags out of the car and looked up at Jagger.  “I’ll call you alright?”

Everyone was quiet.  Jagger felt awkward and looked down and away, then into Sage’s eyes with a nod of assurance giving him the okay to call.

Sage and Jacey didn’t speak after that day, but that was the beginning of Jagger and Sage’s friendship.

Sage wasn’t into guys on a physical level, but he was into sex and found Jagger to be damn good looking and erotic.  He couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to kiss him and fuck that hot ass of his.  He finally got the opportunity to explore it and the experimenting was just that.  Their friendship grew tight spending every week together.  At the end of the third year of their friendship, Sage announced he had a huge job offer back home in New York City.  Jagger didn’t like that everyone kept moving away from him.  It made his soul grow harder.  Sage made a pact to call him regularly and a few times a year they’d take turns visiting each other for a weekend or more.  They kept that pact.  Eventually Sage met the woman of his life.  He made Jagger his Best Man at his wedding.

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