Gays raising families tend to live in areas where gays are not accepted and some want to know why

According to polls and statistics out there, it shows that those who are gay and raising families tend to live in areas where politically no one is accepting of that.  Many are questioning why and coming up with all sorts of theories and suggestions, but yet are still stumped.

Some of the more obvious reasons they are living in those areas are (1) They were already living there to begin with. (2) Those areas are more conducive to raise a family and children. (3) Those areas are more affordable to live in. You can buy a 3 bedroom house for a price that doesn’t exist in metropolitan big city areas.

Cities that are more accepting of gays are cities like L.A., NYC, Chicago and San Francisco. But those big cities are too expensive to raise a family in. They’re too expensive for a single person to live in. The gays in those major cities are mostly single and they head out there in hopes of being accepted. Of course you’re chasing a dream since big cities are more fast paced, people are more stressed out and more into getting ahead and being noticed. Gays don’t move to big cities with the intention of getting married, buying a home and having a family. It’s just rare. And if they are in a relationship, the likelihood of it lasting are not strong. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but it is also rare. So these smaller more conservative towns, regardless of their stance on gays marrying and raising families, are more practical to be in despite the lack of acceptance. It’s not like there is that much acceptance from your gay peers in big cities anyway, so what difference does it make. I’d rather be where its quieter and cheaper where you’re getting more bang for your buck. People tend to be more respectable as they move about in smaller towns regardless of their beliefs.

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