Being stereotypically gay has its negatives.

Being stereotypically gay has its negatives. It propels a negative light on gays. There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with Lady Gaga and how you dress and downing alcohol by the gallons if that’s your choice. However the reason so much negativity is placed on these stereotypes is because what you’re partaking in is not necessarily healthy. This is evident when one of them is HIV positive likely due to a poor choice. I doubt it was through a blood transfusion. The real problem is those that partake in these stereotypes tend to turn their nose down towards other gays who have regular, healthy and balanced lives. They’re crucified for having different interests that are not gay-centric.

There was one gay specifically I remember who had asked me about something I had never heard of. When I said, “I didn’t know what that was.” He said, “What kind of f*g” are you?” Obviously not the right kind and I wouldn’t change that for all the money in the world. Some will say that we shouldn’t try to distance ourselves from the stereotypes. We’re not trying to distance ourselves, we’re just not interested in it. What if I asked you to watch a sports game with me on TV? You wouldn’t because you’re not interested and that’s fine. Same thing just reversed.

Gays who want to hold hands in New York City find that they can’t.  One commented that they look around to see whose around and then if it looks unsettling they pull their hand away from their partners wishing they were braver.  You don’t have to wish you were braver.  The fact that you are gay already shows that you’re brave.  It is sad to see that this is how it is in New York City.  Everyone assumes that just because half the country is supportive of gays, there is that other half of ignorant people who are uncomfortable with it and they act out violently.  New York city is supposed to be this hardcore liberal town.  This just goes to show you that gay support has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative.

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