More Single Gay Men on Valentine’s Day than those in Relationships

There are several reasons there are more single gay men than gay men in relationships.  The irony is that many of them want to be in a relationship, but are unable to stay with the same person longer than a couple of months.  A couple of months is not a relationship. That’s dating.  This means that you are perpetually and eternally dating around. 


Many gay men have this ideal fantasy of this perfectly built male Adonis figure as their mate.  The way that straight women fixate on their bodies and magazines like Cosmopolitan, gay men have the same obsession by sifting through built men online and raising them up on a pedestal.  It’s normal to find that attractive, but they take it up to an unhealthy degree that it damages any potential relationship they might have with a regular guy.  The problem is that it is not based in reality and does not exist.  If someone isn’t perfect they don’t talk to them.  They have an air of snobbery that is evident.  They are typically chatting with several people at the same time forming superficial connections instead of taking their time slowly building a friendship with one person. 


Many gay men tend to either be estranged from their families for not being accepting of their sexuality or have left their families altogether in search of a new city.  The problem with that is your family defines you whether you like it or not.  If you have no family ties or loyalty to your family and vice versa, then that will carry over into your romantic life as well.  Granted it’s not your fault if your family disowns you due to your sexuality, but unfortunately that does play a big part in how you will be in a long term relationship.  I always say when a friend is dating a new guy.  “How is he with his family?”


The other reason is many gay men have been used to having to go it alone that they are unable to merge effortlessly long term with a new partner.  They also have short attention spans and become bored with what they have and want to be with someone else.  It’s like a kid in a candy store grabbing anything and everything.  This also says a lot about your character which is not conducive to building a long term relationship.


There are also gay guys who only believe in Marriage Equality for equal rights.  Granted the Same Sex Marriage fight has turned into it being about not being treated equally, still at the end of the day Marriage Equality is about being able to marry the one you love and building a long term life with them regardless of their gender.  If you make Marriage Equality about equal rights then you are missing the point of it and you diminish the true meaning and the fight for what Same Sex Marriage is really all about.

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