Jodie Foster is in hot water with some of the gays for some reason

Jodie Foster delivered a cracked open speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday night that naturally unleashed the negative maggots of society on her tail.  Most of them coming from certain gays.  I guess they wanted her to say, “I’m gay.”  They didn’t want her hanging out with Mel Gibson.   I’m telling you that some of them are losing sleep over this.  It’s quite sad really.

Why is everyone all up in arms obsessing over this? The Golden Globes wanted to honor her for her lifetime achievement in film. She’s earned the right to say whatever she wants to say on that podium even if others did not understand it or like her. She doesn’t owe anybody anything. The Golden Globes is a loosey laid back evening with drinks. Everyone is tipsy and enjoying themselves. Clearly Jodie was enjoying herself as she was lighthearted, cracking jokes and talking about whatever. So what. It’s her life. I found her speech to be raw, heartfelt and moving. Then the next day I see this plethora of negativity about it. I thought, “Huh? Did we watch something different?”

Also I think people can rest assured that she basically said she was gay again. What does she have to do, actually say the word “gay” and then everyone will go about their business? She said she has a partner who created a beautiful family with her and that’s all that matters. What more do you guys want from her exactly? And think about what is inside you that needs immense validation by having Jodie Foster say the ‘gay’ word. There were straight people calling her the ‘d’ word after last night unfortunately, so the world knows she’s gay, trust me. Then you have certain gays calling her names for not saying the ‘gay’ word. My you just can’t please anybody can you. If I were her, I’d keep quiet too. It’s nobody’s business. Her job is as an actress to play a character in a movie. It’s not her goal to be a walking political statement.

She isn’t just private about the gay thing as if its shameful, she is private about EVERYTHING in her life. This is her nature. She’s a shy person who isn’t interested in feeding gossip machines. The honey boo-boo was a great reference and only those who steer clear of gossip and reality tv will get it. She’s better than that and actually has talent and intelligence which is lacking in shows like honey boo-boo. Those up in arms over Jodie’s speech are the same people that are obsessed with gossip and superficiality to begin with. They are not people you need to please. They don’t know anything about truly walking in someone’s else’s shoes. They want everyone to say and do what they want so that you’ll be loved by them. Jodie doesn’t need your love or approval and nor does she care.

I understand that having Jodie Foster say the ‘gay’ words to you is a big deal, because that would then make her the biggest star in history to be publicly out and gay. It would create a media frenzy something that has never attracted her ever. Don’t hate her because she’s not interested in being known for who is in her bedroom. Don’t lose sight of what her job is and that’s as an actress and filmmaker. And speaking of which, all of this talk about Jodie Foster is making me want to catch up and buy some of her films I don’t have!


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