“Straight acting” is a bizarre phrase that caught on just like the word ‘gay’

“Straight acting” is a bizarre phrase that caught on just like the word ‘gay’. These are labels to put people into little boxes. I think young gays tend to use the word ‘straight acting’ more because you only use that phrase when you are insecure with yourself. Younger people are more insecure than older people generally. A true gay guy who has typically masculine and manly interests does not need to hammer it home that he’s straight acting and most of them do not bother with that. The reason is those guys are not in the gay community world and know nothing about fads and labels and nor do they care.  The ones using the ‘straight acting’ phrase tend to be gay guys who are actually not all that manly to begin with and absolved in gay culture otherwise it would never occur to them to use that word.  They are also saying that straight acting means you are more important than gay acting.  What is this acting business anyway?  On the flip side the ultra feminine gays are not acting as themselves either. Anyone who is either extreme needs to examine their behavior and identify if they are being themselves or conforming to how their peers act.  Because there are gay guys whose feminine behavior comes out even more when around their peers.  Either way, both sides have no real identity.


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