Madonna on the Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012; Discusses Ellen’s coming out gay.

When Madonna made it to Los Angeles on her MDNA tour in October 2012, she swung by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Although she had appeared via satellite on her show before, she had never actually been to the set.  In the show, Ellen talks about how she publicly came out and got nasty hate mail, but Madonna had contacted her to give her an optimistic pep talk that changed her.

Here is that full show:

Madonna is one of the few living legend entertainers left in the world.  The days of movie stars and great entertainers are over.   A movie star can no longer open a movie the way it used to be.  Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen ruled the 80’s and continued to maintain an iconic status.    It’s the last of them as we move into a new age.  Now we have rehashed stars as talented as they are, they will never achieve what the others did or be as memorable in a decade.

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