It was Gay Days at Disneyland. For the most part it was widely embraced with only a few sour apples.

It was Gay Days at Disneyland. For the most part it was widely embraced with love and only a few sour apples in the bunch.

oh yea it was gay day at disneyland ^.^ i loved watching all the cuties with their cuties!👬

Its gay day here at Disneyland and everyone is in a good mood, I love it. I’ve never seen so many kind people in one place.

Gay day at Disneyland with my homophobe boyfriend….. #hilariousI’m hoping to find a gay bestfriend

Gay Day at Disneyland !!!!! (:

So gay days in Disneyland gets 3 days, and dapper day gets 1?#NotFair

That awkward moment when you look out of place for being a straight couple during Gay Day at Disneyland.

it’s gay day at Disneyland .. they all wear red . awwwwk I’m wearing red . poor will is freaking out with all these guys holding eachother.

Surrounded by oodles & oodles of good looking gay men. HappyGay Day @Disneyland! 🌈

Why didn’t anyone tell me today was Gay Day? HAPPY GAY DAY,DISNEYLAND!

it’s gay day at Disneyland.. EVERYBODY HERE IS SO NICE. 😍

my brother and his girlfriend are at disneyland and its gay day so everyone is wearing red. guess what color he’s wearing?xD

its gay day @ disneyland & alaim wore red 😂 lol I love it

I somehow wandered into Disneyland on Gay Day without knowing it.

It’s “Gay Day” here at Disneyland, still don’t understand why they are disliked, but it’s cracking!

this morning when we arrived to Disneyland we found out it was gayday and theyre all wearing red. Theres tons of them!

Isn’t every day at Disneyland just a lil gay#gaydays is the smartest thing Disney has ever done. #fairydust

Gay Day at Disneyland = ten times more fun 🌈

Comes to DisneylandGay day. All good tho I love gays.

It’s gay day today at Disneyland. This is about to get really interesting…. #everyoneswearingred

It’s Gay Day at Disneyland! How fucking awesome! 😄

National gay day at Disneyland nice 💛💙💜💚❤💗

Working Gay Day at Disneyland was always a blast. Good spirited folks that loved every bad Jungle joke.

@Supimjazz haha well I don’t come to Disneyland often but I’d believe they have Gay Day a lot! (x

It’s Gay Day at Disneyland!!! Everyone is so happy 😃

of course it’s gay day the day i come to disneyland and i am wearing red lol

My life is almost complete. Came to Disneyland on gay day 😊

It’s gay day at Disneyland….so many cute guys that won’t like me 😩

It’s Gay Pride Day at Disneyland today! I happened to be wearing a red shirt, Like the others, And all of these women keep checking me out!!

Sooooo…. Its apparently gay day at Disneyland…. And I just happen to wear a pink shirt…. #awkward

omg my mom just told me it’s gay day at Disneyland & I wanted to go 😭 #cuties #onlytheguycouples #srry #lolz 🌈

My brother just sent me a picture of gay day at Disneyland him & his wife went to support 🙂 red=support

It’s gay day at Disneyland and I want to hug everyone. 😊❤#isupportgays #marriageforall

it’s gay day at Disneyland this weekend. Makes me wanna go.

Gay day at Disneyland is so cute. Couples everywhere. Young and old.

@MissRubyy aha then come, it’s always fun at disneyland but ongay day it has to be extra fun lol

Seeing a lot of red around the Disneyland Resort today. Guess it’sgay day. Celebrations all over the place. Loving every moment of it.

It’s Gay Day at Disneyland today. We didn’t know before we came but look super supportive in our red shirts just the same. 🙂

Unofficial “gay day” at Disneyland and all these couples are just so cute.


@HausOfDavid disneyland has a GAY DAY?!? Omgggg!!!! Thats so epic!!!

Aw it’s Gay Day tomorrow at Disneyland. ☺👏💛💙💜💚💗 Another reason why they stay the Happiest Place on Earth.💗💗💗

Apperently it’s GAY DAY at Disneyland tommorw… Fuck that I’m calling off lol

Of course there were a few unhappy campers which you wouldn’t expect at Disneyland, but alas they’re still out there and in L.A. no less!  The majority of people found it to be a warm, nice atmosphere with the gays so a few sour apples is tolerable. 

While everyone was getting to watch the Aggie game I walked around Disneyland on gay day… #disappointed #NOHOMO

Wtf its gay day at Disneyland 😦

I can’t go to Disneyland anymore cause it’s gay day 😒

Of course it’s fucking “gay day” the day I go to Disneyland . Fml

“UGH FUCK”! mine and my sisters reaction when we found out it was gay day weekend at Disneyland -__-

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