Ask Jagger: I Have a Crush On a Guy Who Says I’m Too Young To Date

Kevin Hunter

Dear Jagger

I met a guy 3 years older than me (I’m 15, He’s 18). At the beginning (October 2011) he was always nice, smiling at me (but didn’t stare at me) and I thought that he liked me. One day he saw me with some 9th graders and he seemed surprised. After a month I told him by chat that I like him and to tell nobody. On the next day I asked him by chat again if there was any chance for me to stay with him, and he said no and that I’m too young for him. He told me that I should find someone else my age.

I asked a mutual friend to ask him what does he think about me and this friend told me that he thinks that I am pretty, but too young. He also said that if I was older he wouldn’t…

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