Lady Gaga on Howard Stern


Lady Gaga on Howard Stern in 2011. Of course Howard Stern is my idol. What’s classic about this is really the first maybe 5-10 mins. Howard and Robin are reading off Gaga’s fans threats on twitter to them. How Howard and Robin describe them is hilarious. As they state it’s like being attacked by the drama club and they bust out laughing.

With that said, Lady Gaga is certainly an interesting young person with great intelligence navigating her way to finding out who she really is. She’s got an incredible voice that shines through in the studio without all the fanfare. She’s more suited for rock n’ roll like a Pat Benatar or Alanis Morissette rather than hyper mixed pop music.

She is of course anti-bullying and vocal about it. The irony is that her fans are the biggest bullies on the social networking sites like Twitter. I think Howard and Robin summed up why. They also urged Lady Gaga to keep them under control. lol But Gaga fans bully behind a computer because its safer, they wouldn’t to your face. I love and appreciate Lady Gaga, but I can’t stand her fans the same way I love Jesus, but I can’t stand his followers. I guess that’s why they are all simply that, just followers and not leaders. Jesus and Lady Gaga should both keep their followers in line and in control. They’re all missing the messages of the ones they so worship. Anyway, great hour long interview regardless:


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