Not all gay guys that make comments about flamboyant gays are flamboyant themselves



Not all gay guys that make comments about flamboyant gays are flamboyant themselves, that’s ALSO a stereotype.  I’ve also noticed that flamboyant gays tend to be more critical about everyone else and other gays more than others. I know that’s a stereotype, but I’ve witnessed a lot of them do that. I’ve seen enough that it appears to be all of them, but that’s a dangerous generalization and I apologize if you feel offended by that.  It’s not my intention just stating what I know.

How do we change the perception of an entire planet?  Society disses on gays and gays diss on gays.  No wonder our self-esteem is lower than everybody else’s. Again I made another stereotype because I know regular guys who just happened to be gay who are perfectly content and don’t wear their gay label on their sleeve. Most are shocked to find that they’re gay. Why are they shocked though? Because he’s not wearing short shorts and working it like a fashion runway model? Why would one assume that that’s what a gay person is? Because that’s what has been rammed down our throats on all these godawful Hollywood shows. Glee is one of them. The gay guys they have on the show are the stereotypical gay. Why didn’t they make one of the regular jock guys gay as well? Oh right because regular jock guys aren’t gay. And if you believe that then you’re really living in an isolated bubble.

I love this quote: “The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”






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