Jack Young confronted homophobic bullies at Brighton Pride, and was beaten up and bottled for his bravery


Jack Young confronted homophobic bullies at Brighton Pride and they responded by beating him up and bottling him.

A straight British 18-year-old was beaten up for standing up to anti-gay bullies after a post-Pride party in Brighton.

Jack Young was bottled in the street after confronting people who were shouting homophobic abuse on Saturday (1 September).

Young told his mother, Sue Fallon, who then went onto Wipe Out Homophobia’s Facebook page to share his story. As reported by The Argus, she said she was ‘extremely proud’.

Fallon said her son became separated from his friends while on a night out with friends in the British seaside city.

He then came across a group of people who were making offensive remarks about the gay community.

After confronting them, he was hit with a bottle and beaten up, leaving a large gash and several cuts on his face.

Fallon, 41, said: ‘Luckily it does not look that bad. But all I can think of is what might have been.

‘I am extremely proud of my son for what he did.

‘I know for a fact that if he came across the same situation again he would react the same, it’s just how he is.’

She said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the kind words of support, and said she wished he would make a statement to the police.

‘[The police] have been round to speak to Jack but he does not want it to go any further.

‘This he says, is because there is no point, they would not get caught. They know they have done wrong and one day they will all get theirs.’

Police have hailed Brighton Pride 2012 a ‘great success’ despite arresting 40 people over theft, drugs, being drunk and disorderly, common assault or affray.


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