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Ten scouts resign in show of support for fired gay staffer

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 – 1:49pm by Seth Adam, GLAAD’s Senior Manager of Communications

Ten staffers at a California Boy Scouts camp have resigned in a show of support for fellow staffer and Eagle Scout Tim Griffin (right), who was fired last week because he’s gay. Griffin had served at the camp for eight years.

“They told me in a very harsh way that I don’t embody the true Scouting spirit,” Griffin told The Sacramento Bee of his firing.

A representative for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) denies that Griffin was fired because of his sexual orientation, however, saying, “What it came down to was his failure to comply with management regarding a uniform issue. We gave him plenty of warnings.”

But fellow staffers aren’t buying it. “It was absolutely about his sexual orientation, no question about it,” Eagle Scout Graham Littlejohn, toldThe Bee.

Last week, the BSA announced that a secret committee had reviewed and unanimously decided to maintain the Scouts’ ban on gay troops and leaders, noting that, for the Scouts, discrimination is “absolutely the best policy.”

Pressure continues to mount, however, with over 300,000 Americans signing a petition calling on the BSA to end its long history of discrimination, members of the BSA Executive Board speaking out in support of ending the ban, and media outlets such as The New York Times urging the Scouts to accept gay members.

Additionally, thousands of Scouts are speaking out against the policy and joining Eagle Scout Zach Wahls in helping create change from within the BSA through organizations likeScouts for Equality. Some have even returned their badges in protest of the discrimination.

And over 135,000 Americans – Scouts and civilians alike – are calling on the BSA to allow its Executive Board to vote on ending the ban.

What’s clear is that Americans are not tolerating this policy, and they’re showing no signs of standing down. Now, it’s up to the BSA to answer their call.

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From Bullied Teen to Bullying Mom

I’m trying to keep my kids from getting picked on, but it’s making me a bully.

I was bullied as a teenager, to the point of trying to slit my wrists, of skipping school, of being afraid to leave my house. It was hell. Twenty-plus years, later I still have occasional nightmares. Recently, I was bullied again. This time by my in-laws. I didn’t think of it as bullying while it was happening — but the next day I realized I’d felt much the same as I had in school.

Bullying is a major topic in blog posts, in the media, in schools. My heart hurts whenever I read about a child experiencing so much pain. Anger rises in me when I hear someone say that kids need to just toughen up, that it’s just school and it won’t matter when the child is older. It will matter. Because 20 years later, they could still feel the impact on their self esteem, and still have nightmares that they awake from feeling all that fear again.

If you’ve read other posts I’ve written, you know I’m not a particularly strict parent in a lot of ways. I got a lot of digs about my child not having a bedtime all summer. But one thing that I absolutely don’t tolerate is bullying or being mean to another child. I want to be made aware of it immediately if my children are being mean to others, hurting their feelings, making them feel scared or bad in anyway. No matter what the other child may have said or done, I don’t condone that kind of behavior. I won’t make excuses for Hellion if she’s mean to someone. I’ll make her apologize and help her to understand why it wasn’t okay to react in such a way. I’ll take away privileges.

But I’ve also realized as much as I don’t want them to be bullies, I also don’t want them to be bullied. And in trying to make them stronger, I’ve bullied them myself! I was teased often as a child for being a crybaby. I cried over EVERYTHING! And now I find myself snapping at Hellion to stop crying over stupid things. I’ve heard myself call her a crybaby. And I cringe. How is it OK to bully my child while trying to teach her not to be a bully? I did the same with my older daughter. I didn’t want her to do things that would give other kids something to tease her about, especially cry over “stupid” things.

The answer is it isn’t OK. It’s not making Hellion tougher, it didn’t make Urchin tougher, it just made them run to their rooms to cry rather than do it in front of me. When they’re upset and I want to talk to them about it, they shy away from me because what if I think what they’re upset about is stupid? Just typing that makes me want to cry myself. Who am I to say what they feel or what has upset them is stupid? I’m always saying people feel what they feel and we have to accept that even if we don’t agree with it. Yet I’m not doing that with my own children.

And it isn’t helping them to not be bullies. I need to remember that the behaviors I wouldn’t let others get away with are the same ones that aren’t OK for me to display. To teach them how not to bully, I must not be a bully. To help them be strong if someone does bully them or if they see someone else being bullied, I need to teach them how to respond rather than try to toughen them up.

From Bullied Teen to Bullying Mom

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Turn Up the Radio. Awesome Madonna in top form. MDNA

Awesome summer anthem. Madonna releases one of the better tunes off the MDNA album. Turn Up the Radio. A song that should’ve been the first release. The song is fantastic and so is the video.   She plays someone escaping the ‘maddening crowd’ to take a drive through Europe  and picking up people to join in her fun along the way.

Click on the link to watch the video:



Madonna’s MDNA album is the 12th best selling CD of 2012 at this point.  The top 11 are all men or male groups.


When the world starts to get you down
And nothing seems to go your way
And the noise of a maddening crowd
Makes you feel like you’re going to go insane

There’s a glow of a distant light
Calling you to come outside
To feel the wind in your face and your skin
And it’s here I begin my story

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

It was time that I opened my eyes
I’m leaving the past behind
Nothing’s ever what it seems
Including this time and this crazy dream

I’m stuck like a moth to a flame
I’m so tired of playing this game
I don’t know how I got to this stage
Let me out of my cage cause I’m dying

To turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

I just wanna get in my car
I wanna go fast and I gotta go far
Don’t ask me to explain how I feel
Cause I don’t wanna say where I’m going

Turn up the noise and turn up the volume
Don’t have a choice
Cause the temperature’s pounding
If leaving this place is the last thing I do
Then I want to escape
With a person just like you

Buzzing around like a moth to a flame
I’m so sick and tired of playing this game
We gotta have fun if that’s all that we do
Gotta shake up the system
And break all the rules
Gotta turn up the radio
Until the speakers blow!

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
Don’t ask me where I wanna go
We gotta turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Turn up the radio
There’s some things you don’t need to know
Just let me turn up the radio

Turn up the radio
Let me turn up the radio
Let me turn up the radio

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Marriage Proposal at Madonna concert in Amsterdam.

Cute marriage proposal caught at the Madonna concert in Amsterdam July 2012.

“Who are you going to ask to marry you?” Madonna asked the woman. “Well, do you want to ask him to marry you in front of several hundred thousands of people?”

Madonna handed the mic over to the excited woman — after warning her to not “slobber all over my microphone” — who then asked her boyfriend to marry her. He said “yes,” and a wave of cheers erupted from the crowd.

After taking her mic back, Madonna cheered the couple on, chanting, “Tongues! Tongues! Kiss with tongues!” as they kissed for all to see on the jumbotron.

“I’ll give you once piece of advice. Never go to bed angry,” Madonna told the couple before she got back to the music.

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Dude Lit books for gay and straight young adults 16-24

Dude Lit is like Chick Lit, but for guys who hate to read.  The stories are simple, entertaining fast reads with enough shock and vasopressin to fill up a beer mug.  The typical teen boy tends to be sleepy and bored due to the sleep clock in his brain that shifts as he gets older.  Testosterone receptors reset his brain’s clock cells and he’s going to bed later and sleeping later.  If school systems and teachers really wanted teenagers to learn, they’d make start times later by several hours.  At least that would increase the chances of the boy’s eyes being open – even if it wouldn’t wipe the dazed look of boredom from his face.  Some people think teenage boys are acting bored because its no longer cool to be excited about anything.  However, the reward center in their brain becomes less activated and isn’t sensitive enough to feel normal levels of stimulation.  He’s not ‘acting’ bored, he IS bored and just can’t help it.

“I hate reading, but this was the first book I actually finished all the way through since High School.  It was great.”  – a young male reader.

Paint the Silence

Ruston Bock is a telepathic sleuth who is called in by a detective friend, Trinity Foyer, to ad some insight into catching a masked killer in the city of New Orleans.  When he arrives he becomes stranded at the Granger Mansion, a place that houses an eccentric family.  It’s there he comes into contact with Logan Granger, an icy member that does as he’s told and stays out of the way.  He befriends Ruston in hopes of assisting him in cracking the secrets he’s lived with at the Granger ranch while simultaneously bringing the cities real killer to justice. 

“Paint the Silence” is a horror, drama screenplay with violent content.”

(fiction, horror, drama, screenplay, play, serial killer, axe murderer, polygamy, corrupt police, drugs and alcohol, new orleans, crime, kevin hunter)
PAPERBACK     $7.85
KINDLE E-Book   $3.99

Dude 101 features Jagger, a dating columnist who takes young adults into a series of practical essays devoted to finding love in a universe that defies this notion.

He covers the similarities and differences between straight and gay men, to loyalty and adultery, while putting guys into the categories of Knights, Princes and Kings. Dude 101 demonstrates the rise and fall of love, what to stay away from, what to go after, how eligible bachelors are not always so eligible, the bad boy and the dating rules that should be memorized as mantra.

Author, Kevin Hunter, takes a backseat allowing his alter ego Jagger guide us through the journey. His terrain involves random musings and ultimately a peek at his real love romance with Garth through scene vignettes.

Jagger is the main protagonist in the book Jagger’s Revolution, a tale that surfaces around a heated erotic crush between a writer and an Australian lifeguard. Through the cynicism in both, he ultimately finds and ends…in love.

(dating, relationships, gay, straight, dating handguide, dating manual, adultery, romance, sex apps, valentine’s day, love, kevin hunter, dude literature)
PAPERBACK     $6.85
KINDLE E-Book   $3.99

Jagger’s Revolution is a highly erotic love story about an aristocratic beach thug who rules by his scrupulous idea of how life should be. Jagger is a cool beauty who loses it when his ego isn’t fed by the dudes he claims to disdain. He equates dating with going to battle while on his hunt for the real thing in a city that is plagued of any honest human connection. He’s a hardening menace, with an uncompromising disapproval for weakness and bad etiquette. His engaging and flirtatious friends compliment his aggressive nature by tempering his inflexible fight on mankind to gain insight into their intolerable behavior. The book takes you on a journey with Jagger through his dalliances and crushing love frustrations that appeal to young adults. He finds exhaustion with going on yet another dating excursion when he knows the guy for him is the one he can’t say more than two words to. If there is any light to all his darkness, it’s the pleasing love story, the central theme that runs throughout his disappointments in matters of the heart. He experiences the kind of crush and love one has as a teenager over Garth, the dreamboat lifeguard from Australia, with the boyish distinction and the killer smile, who he keeps running into in passing. He wrestles with his immediate unexplainable silent connection with him and longs to get close.  Explicit Material.

(erotic, love, romance, sex, relationships, dating, crushes, boy crush, beach lifeguard, gay, shirtless, kevin hunter)
KINDLE E-Book  $4.99
Preview “Jagger’s Revolution


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