Same Sex Prom Couples. Gay teens take there love to Prom.

As we move into June we begin prepping for Summer BBQ’s and beach parties and catching up with friends. It’s also a time where many young people graduate High School and begin there journey in the world.

This is for the young gay teens of today who are braver than any man to step out with there love in places where it’s not accepted.

Here are some of them who got the opportunity to go to Prom with there love of choice just like all the other students. These young people are beautiful and the champions of tomorrow’s world.

Joel and Jesse

Kendra and Kayla

Tyler and James

Steph and Jackie

Daunasia and Alyssa

Annalise and Katarina

Nichole and Shelby

Jon and Steven

Whitney and Alyssia

James and Joshua

Kelsey and Laurie

Sara and Rianna

Andrew and Daniel

Monica and Liz

Michael and Josh

Aly, James & Taylor

Dillana and Roxas

Leigh M. and Friends

Jess and Brandon

Austin and Boyfriend

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