Obama comes out in support of Same Sex Marriage

It’s about time.  I’m so over listening to people ramble there reasons for not supporting it.  It’s a list of reasons you’d find from someone with zero brain capacity.  They’re the most irrelevant people on the planet.  They shouldn’t be allowed a forum or a voice considering that there also against the media.  The media that they so love to freely use at their disposal.

I was never an Obama fan as he spends too much money, but he gets my applause for this one.  It’s not going to hurt or affect him this election.  For one, whether or not he makes the statement, those that hate the man regardless will not vote for him anyway.  You can’t win them over, but may as well win the millions of other people that originally voted for him.  And he’s made history in the process.  One hundred years from now he’ll be in history books as the first President to actually say something about it.  Marriage equality will exist in every state in this country at that point.  This country that belongs to EVERYONE not just hate-filled bullies who use the not thought out point of view as their reasoning.  They base their decisions on a passage in a book that was added by man, NOT by God.  The only passage they ever pay attention to because their social circles do.  They’re led like cattle and don’t think for themselves.  They also are without heart and insignificant vile creatures.

Watch the Video

Obama announces support for Marriage Equality

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