Top 20 Best & Worst Songs by Madonna

Madonna has some incredible classic songs in her catalog that span her near 30 year career.  However, she has recorded some duds that should’ve never seen the light of day.  You can’t love everything someone does.  It’s harder to find a bad song than it is to find a good song of hers.  The worst songs she’s ever recorded are some slim pickings.  Some of them were released and the others were thankfully not.  Finding the best songs by Madonna is more of a challenge, because her entire catalog is great.

Let’s look at some of her best tunes as well as some of the ones that should never have seen the light of day.  Then we’ll look at her best albums.

The Top 20 Best Madonna Songs

Borderline – Madonna (Self Titled) CD

Dress You Up – Like A Virgin CD

Open Your Heart – True Blue CD

Live to Tell – True Blue CD

Like a Prayer – Like A Prayer CD

Express Yourself – Like A Prayer CD

Vogue – I’m Breathless CD

Erotica – Erotica CD

Secret – Bedtime Stories CD

Frozen – Ray of Light CD

Ray of Light – Ray of Light CD

Music – Music CD

Don’t Tell Me – Music CD

Beautiful Stranger – Celebration CD

Hung Up – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Get Together – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Miles Away – Hard Candy CD

Celebration – Celebration CD

Love Spent – MDNA CD

Masterpiece – MDNA CD

The Top 20 Worst Madonna Songs

Love Song – Like a Prayer CD

Rescue Me – The Immaculate Collection CD

Waiting – Erotica CD

Why Is it So Hard – Erotica CD

Bad Girl – Erotica CD

Survival – Bedtime Stories CD

One More Chance – Something to Remember CD

You’ll See – Something to Remember CD

American Life – American Life CD

Hollywood  – American Life CD

Die Another Day – American Life CD

I’m So Stupid  – American Life CD

I Love New York – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Push – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Hey You – Live Aid CD

Candy Shop – Hard Candy CD

Revolver – Celebration CD

Gimme All Your Luvin’ – MDNA CD

Girl Gone Wild – MDNA CD

Some Girls – MDNA CD

It’s ironic that her two worst songs were the first two singles off her new MDNA CD.  The album has songs on there that are ten times better than that bubble gum crap churned out on the singles released so far.  I don’t know who decides what to release, but they did a horrible job choosing for MDNA.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, because although both songs have done moderately acceptable on the charts, they did not do as well as say a song like “Hung Up” or “4 Minutes” did.

What they should’ve done was release “Masterpiece” first.  It was already getting radio airplay and even won a Golden Globe award.  They could’ve followed in the footsteps of her “True Blue” album that shocked the public by releasing a stripped down ballad “Live to Tell” as its first single.  They then should’ve released “Gang Bang” as its second single, while producing a radio edit that is acceptable for listeners without some of the language.  The third single would be “Turn Up the Radio” which luckily they are releasing any day now anyway as the third follow up single.  Fourth should absolutely go to “Love Spent”.  Maybe over the Summer.

Other potential singles to follow could be any or all of the following: “Superstar”, “Beautiful Killer”, “I’m Addicted” and “Best Friend”.  “I Fucked Up” is one of the best songs on the album as well, but unfortunately won’t get radio airplay or played anywhere  else because the “I Fucked Up” verse is too prevalent through the song.

I doubt anyone is new to Madonna and everyone has the albums they want by her. However, Madonna seems to grab new fans among the younger set everytime she releases an album. So if you’re one of those teens wondering what to choose from this woman whose got a catalog of music CD’s out as big as an encyclopedia then you’re in luck. The following are the true Madonna gems and must haves:

Best song on Madonna’s MDNA is “Love Spent”

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