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Gay Russian teen imprisoned in drug rehab for coming out is released

MOSCOW — A Russian teen has been released from the Marshak drug rehabilitation facility after spending 12 days in the institution after being forcibly admitted by his traditionalist father, who was angered when he came out as openly gay earlier this month.

Marshak Clinic

Ivan Kharchenko, 16, was released after friends and supporters staged an improvised siege of the facility, and was placed him in the custody of his mother, who said she was not opposed to her son being gay.

LGBT activist Dmitry Aleshkovsk said that the State Duma deputy from the Just Russia party, Ilya Ponomaryov, along with Violetta Volkova, a human rights lawyer, took on the young teen’s case and participated in successfully having him released from the facility.

Both insisted that Kharchenko’s placement in the rehab without his consent amounted to kidnapping.

Russian journalist Alex Eremenko said that Kharchenko publicly admitted his homosexuality at his 16th birthday earlier this month. His announcement did not disturb his classmates and peers, but angered his relatives including his grandmother who tricked her grandson into going to a “witch” who unsuccessfully attempted to exorcize the “spirit of homosexuality” from him.

After the failure to exorcise the youth’s “homosexuality,” his father took Kharchenko to the drug clinic and left him there allegedly against his will.

“I’d rather have you disabled or a vegetable than gay,” the boy’s father was cited as saying to a local radio station.

According to the activists who managed to free the teen, Kharchenko had placed a banner in his window at the facility addressed to his boyfriend that declared his love, but that was promptly removed by clinic staffers.

Kharchenko was released on late Tuesday and spent the night at his mother’s after his grandmother refused to take him back.

A spokesman for the Moscow Militia, [Police] said that law enforcement officials would be investigating the claims of false imprisonment and kidnapping.

LGBTQ rights is a controversial topic in the Russian Federation largely due to recent laws were passed by lawmakers in three regions including Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, that bans discussion of homosexuality to minors.

That vaguely-worded piece of legislation was denounced as homophobic propaganda by LGBT activists in Russia and beyond, but a bill proposing to spread the ban nationwide was later introduced into the Russian national parliament known as the State Duma and is pending review.

Ninety-four percent of Russians said they have never encountered gay propaganda, but 86 percent still support a ban on it, according to a poll by state-run television earlier this month.

During a recent broadcast discussing LGBTQ rights, approximately 60 percent of some 750 callers at Radio Ekho Moskvy said their offspring being gay would be a “tragedy” for them.

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Josh Hutcherson honored by GLAAD

Josh Hutcherson is only 19 years old, but is way wise beyond his years.  The actor has recently been seen in “The Hunger Games“, but is well known for playing the straight son to a gay couple in the fantastic film, “The Kids Are All Right.”  He didn’t have to reach far to play that role as he’s been fighting straight ally for gays everywhere and grew up with it as his mom was raised by two men.  Although prejudice and bullying is exhibited by both men and women, it’s primarily straight men that execute that wrath.  Josh stands up against all of that as a straight man who is comfortable with himself and loves all people.

He received the GLAAD Vanguard award this week.  The Vanguard Award is given to a person who has made a significant different in promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. The 19-year-old actor is the youngest ever recipient of the honor.  Previous honors include Drew Barrymore.

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Missing teen Charlotte Molinari’s body was found hanging in a California park yesterday

A body believed to be missing teen Charlotte Molinari was found hanging in a California park yesterday, according to police.  The 15-year-old left her home in Santa Rosa last Saturday after telling her father she was going for a ride but never returned.  Charlotte appeared to have committed suicide by hanging in Annadel State Park in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Police Lt. Steve Bair said.

Tragic: Charlotte Ann Molinari left her home in Santa Rosa on Saturday morning after telling her father she was going for a ride but never returned.Charlotte Ann Molinari left her home in Santa Rosa on Saturday morning after telling her father she was going for a ride but never returned.

Foul play is not suspected but the Sonoma County Coroner’s Office will do a further investigation into the exact cause of death, according to ABC.

During the two-day search, police uncovered evidence which led them to believe the Sonoma Academy student was planning to take her own life.

Her father John Molinari reported finding her journal where she detailed being heartbroken over being rejected by a boy and her suicidal thoughts.

‘She obviously is a little confused and depressed, and that’s why we just want to get her back safe and sound and get her some help,’ he had told the Press Democrat during the hunt for his daughter.

But police said yesterday’s discovery was not unexpected. ‘You always hope for the best, but this is always in the back of your mind,’ Bair said.

‘With the information we had, we knew this was a definite possibility.’

Search and rescue: During the two-day search, police uncovered evidence which led them to believe the Sonoma Academy student was planning to take her own lifeSearch and rescue: During the two-day search, police uncovered evidence which led them to believe the Sonoma Academy student was planning to take her own life

Effort: Friends and family of the 15-year-old helped search for her in California Effort: Friends and family of the 15-year-old helped search for her in California

According to the Press Democrat, the girl had not been feeling well for some weeks when she had argued with her father on Saturday. She had then slipped out of the house when Mr Molinari was upstairs getting dressed.

After discovering Charlotte’s journal, police obtained court records to search her cellphone, email and Internet records and found that she had conducted a Google search for the route to Annadel last Saturday.

Charlotte’s father last night took to the Facebook page he had created to help find her to deliver the tragic news.

‘I am deeply saddened to report that Charlotte has been found deceased,’ Mr Molinari wrote.

‘The family thanks you for your efforts and support during this very tragic event.’

The page has since been flooded with tributes to the troubled teen. Debbie Eakins posted: ‘We are just overwhelmed with sadness. We send all our love to Colleen and John. Your daughter was such a beautiful gift to all of us.’

Gina Turturici-Nollette added: ‘Very sorry to hear of your loss John. We have a candle lit for Charlotte tonight and she will be in our prayers along with your whole family. Be strong friend, you have a lot of people lifting you up in prayer tonight.’

Read more:

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Top 20 Best & Worst Songs by Madonna

Madonna has some incredible classic songs in her catalog that span her near 30 year career.  However, she has recorded some duds that should’ve never seen the light of day.  You can’t love everything someone does.  It’s harder to find a bad song than it is to find a good song of hers.  The worst songs she’s ever recorded are some slim pickings.  Some of them were released and the others were thankfully not.  Finding the best songs by Madonna is more of a challenge, because her entire catalog is great.

Let’s look at some of her best tunes as well as some of the ones that should never have seen the light of day.  Then we’ll look at her best albums.

The Top 20 Best Madonna Songs

Borderline – Madonna (Self Titled) CD

Dress You Up – Like A Virgin CD

Open Your Heart – True Blue CD

Live to Tell – True Blue CD

Like a Prayer – Like A Prayer CD

Express Yourself – Like A Prayer CD

Vogue – I’m Breathless CD

Erotica – Erotica CD

Secret – Bedtime Stories CD

Frozen – Ray of Light CD

Ray of Light – Ray of Light CD

Music – Music CD

Don’t Tell Me – Music CD

Beautiful Stranger – Celebration CD

Hung Up – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Get Together – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Miles Away – Hard Candy CD

Celebration – Celebration CD

Love Spent – MDNA CD

Masterpiece – MDNA CD

The Top 20 Worst Madonna Songs

Love Song – Like a Prayer CD

Rescue Me – The Immaculate Collection CD

Waiting – Erotica CD

Why Is it So Hard – Erotica CD

Bad Girl – Erotica CD

Survival – Bedtime Stories CD

One More Chance – Something to Remember CD

You’ll See – Something to Remember CD

American Life – American Life CD

Hollywood  – American Life CD

Die Another Day – American Life CD

I’m So Stupid  – American Life CD

I Love New York – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Push – Confessions on a Dance Floor CD

Hey You – Live Aid CD

Candy Shop – Hard Candy CD

Revolver – Celebration CD

Gimme All Your Luvin’ – MDNA CD

Girl Gone Wild – MDNA CD

Some Girls – MDNA CD

It’s ironic that her two worst songs were the first two singles off her new MDNA CD.  The album has songs on there that are ten times better than that bubble gum crap churned out on the singles released so far.  I don’t know who decides what to release, but they did a horrible job choosing for MDNA.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, because although both songs have done moderately acceptable on the charts, they did not do as well as say a song like “Hung Up” or “4 Minutes” did.

What they should’ve done was release “Masterpiece” first.  It was already getting radio airplay and even won a Golden Globe award.  They could’ve followed in the footsteps of her “True Blue” album that shocked the public by releasing a stripped down ballad “Live to Tell” as its first single.  They then should’ve released “Gang Bang” as its second single, while producing a radio edit that is acceptable for listeners without some of the language.  The third single would be “Turn Up the Radio” which luckily they are releasing any day now anyway as the third follow up single.  Fourth should absolutely go to “Love Spent”.  Maybe over the Summer.

Other potential singles to follow could be any or all of the following: “Superstar”, “Beautiful Killer”, “I’m Addicted” and “Best Friend”.  “I Fucked Up” is one of the best songs on the album as well, but unfortunately won’t get radio airplay or played anywhere  else because the “I Fucked Up” verse is too prevalent through the song.

I doubt anyone is new to Madonna and everyone has the albums they want by her. However, Madonna seems to grab new fans among the younger set everytime she releases an album. So if you’re one of those teens wondering what to choose from this woman whose got a catalog of music CD’s out as big as an encyclopedia then you’re in luck. The following are the true Madonna gems and must haves:

Best song on Madonna’s MDNA is “Love Spent”

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Bullies in Iowa pushed Teen to take his own life after enough harassment. No one does anything.

Shame on Iowa parents and school board as this could’ve been easily prevented.

PRIMGHAR/ PAULLINA, Iowa (KTIV) – Kenneth Weishuhn was only a freshman at South O’Brien High School.   That’s located in Paullina, Iowa.Family and friends say the 14-year-old was happy.  But, beneath that smile, there was a lot of pain.”He says, ‘Mom, you don’t know how it feels to be hated,” said Jeannie Chambers.

Kenneth Weishuhn didn’t know either, until he told his friends last month that he was gay.

“People that were originally his friends, they kind of turned on him,” said his sister Kayla Weishuhn.

Teasing started in school, according Kayla, a sophomore.  She says it was the boys in her class, that bullied her brother over his sexuality.

A lot of people, they either joined in or they were too scared to say anything,” she said.

She says they took their teases online, to websites like Facebook, creating a hate group against gays and adding Kenneth’s friends as members.  However, it was only the beginning, family say he started receiving death threats from South O’Brien students on his phone.

When I’d question him about the phone calls, like he just blew it off, so I just thought everything was ok,” said his mother.

According to Kenneth’s mother Jeannie, those South O’Brien boys were given a warning, but she was never contacted by the school.  She’s unsure whether she’ll press charges against the students she says drove her son to his death.

“I really don’t want to ruin somebody else’s life, or take someone else’s son or daughter from them.  But, I don’t know what it’s going to take to get it to stop,” said Chambers.

To make someone feel so horrible about themselves, so miserable.  To make them hate themselves they way my brother must have,” said his sister.

For now, Kenneth’s family is trying to come to terms with their loss.

“He was like my best friend.  He was the only person that I could trust with anything,”

“Why you were so beautiful, you had so much to offer, why?” asked his mother.

A life full of promise cut short.

Family says Kenneth’s favorite quote was “be buddies, not bullies.”

His funeral will be held Thursday morning at Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar.
By Kristen Johnson, Multimedia Journalist/ Weekend Anchor – bio | email

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A Parent takes her child to see “Bully,” the movie

A mother’s experience: A dinner conversation transformed her son’s approach to borderline teen bullying – imagine what the movie “Bully” could do.  She’ll take her child to “Bully” for sure.

The much-hyped movie “Bully” opens today and last week I was thinking: I must take my kids to see that. My next thought was: Maybe I shouldn’t take my kids to see that? This ambivalence comes from knowing it’s an intense movie – two of the five stories in the film are about children who killed themselves because of the relentless bullying they received.

  • “Bully” was originally rated R because of profanity, butThe Weinstein Company challenged the MPAA over the rating and got it changed to PG-13. Like most parents, I’m also wondering if – even as a PG-13 movie – it will be too disturbing for my two teens. Or is it just the kind of thing they need to see?

Richard Corliss wrote in Time Magazine before the rating changed “… if kids want to see a life-changing film, they should sneak in.” Sean O’Connell, who blogs about movies for the ticketing website Fandango, wrote a review that lobbies for watching this movie with your child and carving out time to talk about it. Much of the media coverage has urged parents not to let their kids see it alone.

And I have to admit, I’m worried the movie will be too intense for me, too. Mr. O’Connell calls it “a horror movie for parents.” In his heartfelt review he writes that he “prepared himself for the worst” and “still wasn’t ready.” It’s always difficult and disturbing to watch children suffering, and to watch the agony their parents endure.  O’Connell tells us that at the end of “Bully,” Director Lee Hirsch shows footage to the parents of bullied pre-teen Alex  “so they can understand what their precious son endures on a daily basis. Alex’s concerned mom asks her son if what these kids are doing to him makes him feel good. ‘I’m starting to think I don’t feel anything anymore,’ Alex responds, and my heart rips in two.”

Just reading that ripped mine to shreds too.

I was mulling all this over when my son, who is in eighth grade, told an unsettling story at dinner. There’s a boy, Mike – and I’m changing names her to protect the innocent or not so inoccent – also in the eighth grade, who no one likes. He isn’t a very nice kid. He also has a serious case of acne. My son and some boys were standing in a circle talking when Mike walked over and said “Hi.” One of the boys in the group yelled, “Shut up pizza face!” Mike walked away as he usually does, defeated. “It was pretty funny,” my son said. I was floored: he thinks that’s funny??

“I know Mike is annoying,” I told him, “but can you imagine what his life is like? Every morning he wakes up knowing he’s got eight hours ahead of him of teasing, taunting, name calling and humiliation.” Every single day, since he came to this school, Mike has been bullied, just mildly enough that there’s no punishment meted out, no discipline given. And he isn’t about to complain to his parents or anyone else.

A couple of days later my son was waiting with another friend, Stuart, after school. They were bored. Stuart said, “Let’s find Mike.”

My son knew what that meant: let’s harass Mike, for sport.  He said, “No. It’s not right to bully him.”

My son told this story at dinnertime, a few days after he told the pizza face story. “I thought about what it would be like to wake up everyday, knowing that I’d be bullied,” my son said. “It would be horrible.”

I thought if just one dinner conversation about this could change my son’s thinking, perhaps the movie would not only reinforce that change, but also cause my son and his friends to rethink how important civility and kindness are, even if someone is annoying. Or has acne.

So I made my decision: we will see “Bully,” for sure.


SOURCE: Christian Science Monitor

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Student wants Fullerton district to protect gay rights

Fullerton Union High School teen was disqualified from Mr. Fullerton pageant after saying he hopes gay marriage will be legal.  Fullerton isn’t particularly an open minded city even though it is part of Southern California.  It’s part of the O.C. which is divided on the issue.


FULLERTON – The student disqualified for his remarks about gay marriage during a campus competition wants the Fullerton Joint Union High School District to support the rights of gay students.

Kearian Giertz, 17, said he was not upset with Vice Principal Joe Abell, who eliminated him from the Mr. Fullerton pageant when the senior said he hoped to marry a man and that gay marriage would be legal.

Article Tab: school-fullerton-marriage
Fullerton Union High School student Kearian Giertz talks about being disqualified from the school’s Mr. Fullerton pageant for saying he hopes gay marriage will be legal in 10 years.

“If Mr. Abell had to react that way to do his job that means there’s something wrong with the district and something wrong with the message that they’re putting out for gay teens,” Giertz said. “They simply don’t want to hear about it.”

The Mr. Fullerton pageant is a mock beauty pageant held annually for male seniors at the school’s Plummer Auditorium. The contestants are entered by peer vote, with the pageant consisting of skits, dances and an interview.

During the interview, held April 3, Giertz was asked where he saw himself in 10 years. His answer was that he hoped to have won multiple awards for theater and dance, and be married, with the hope of gay marriage being legal.

Giertz, who said he is openly gay, said he was not seeking attention.

“What other people think of me is none of my business,” he said. “It’s sad because some of those people were my family or people who I thought cared about me. I have to live my life for me.”

Sherry Little, Giertz’s grandmother, said there were no detractors in the audience: “The people in the audience stood up and cheered him.”

While the audience cheered, Giertz said, the administrator motioned to have the microphone cut off. Backstage, Giertz said he was disqualified because his answer was not preapproved, but he still participated in the rest of the show.

“I can guarantee you that more than Kearian spoke off script,” Little said. “He humiliated my grandson.”

In a statement, Fullerton Joint Union High School District Superintendent George Giokaris said the student’s answer did not violate school rules.

“The district has concluded that the matter was not handled appropriately by the assistant principal,” Giokaris said. “The district believes that the matter should have been handled privately with the student by the assistant principal.”

Giertz said Abell apologized privately the next morning, and he publicly apologized over the school’s public address system, but Giertz said the apologies were different.

“He did apologize and it was very sincere,” Giertz said. “When he apologized on the PA system, he apologized for the circumstances and the time. I was taken aback because the public apology was different from what he said in private.”

The story has drawn national attention. Giertz said most of the reaction he received has been positive.

“It makes me happy – all the support that I’ve been receiving from everyone – because it makes me realize that it’s not really my community or society in general,” he said.

“It’s just the office of administration and the district that has a problem with speaking out about homosexuality and gay marriage.”

Seniors Blake Danford and Katy Hall – Giertz’s friends – organized a protest by passing out nearly 200 letters addressed to the assistant principal asking, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

The students will deliver the letters to Abell next week when school is back in session from spring break.

“We just hope that tolerance is bred, starting from the administration down to the students,” Hall said.

Danford hopes the situation will force the district to write language in its policies to protect gay rights and pro-gay speech.

“I feel like even the action taken onstage that night was bullying,” Danford said. “What kind of message does that send when they disqualify him for what he said?”

Abell did not return calls asking for comment.

Of course he didn’t.

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Zac Efron drops his shorts; The Lucky One opens this month.

Zac Efron is one of those guy’s who will always be considered to be like fine wine.  He’s only going to continue getting even more attractive the older he gets.  I met him back in December at the Trevor Project which is organization that prevents gay teen suicide.  Also met him on NYE, I can tell you that he is exactly what you expect…a sweetheart.  He surprisingly doesn’t really drink.  He’s not a party animal which makes sense because you don’t look that good getting trashed every week.

I hope he’ll forgive me for posting these photos where he’s reaching into places that shouldn’t be caught by a camera, but he looks so damn good you’ve got to own it and flaunt it.

He’ll be seen this month in the romantic drama, “The Lucky One.”

Uh-oh…he discovers he’s being watched:

He aims the camera right back at them!

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A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

I received the following email today in response to my post I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay. I had decided a couple months ago that it was time to let the whole thing rest, but this response was so powerful, I couldn’t not share it with you all. It was from a woman who simply called herself, “One proud mom.”

Hello Mr. Pearce,

I am the Christian mother of a 15 year old teenage boy and about a month ago he came home from school with a copy of your article “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay”. The teacher gave his class a homework assignment to read it and write a 500 word essay about “what it meant to them”.

He came home and showed me your article and asked me what I thought about it. I read just the title and became furious at his teacher and at you (even though I know you had nothing to do with her handing out the assignment). Anyway, I confiscated it from him and told him he wasn’t to do anything with it till I had a chance to read it first.

And then I got madder and madder as I read it as I felt like it was a direct attack against our beliefs and our Christian religion and that it was promoting homosexuality, a practice that around here is a huge “sin”.

I gave my son an earful about homosexuality and God and told him that he could tell his teacher that he would not be participating and if she had a problem, she could come talk to me and then I threw the article in the trash. My son didn’t say anything just walked into his room and shut the door.

Long story short, a couple hours later it was supper time and I still hadn’t seen him come out of his room. I didn’t expect it to be that big of a deal to him but I went and knocked and told him to come out, he didn’t answer so I opened his door and he wasn’t there, he had left the house and gone somewhere. Of course I got more mad and tried to call him but he sent it to voicemail. I sent him a text and told him he better get home and he was grounded.

This is the text he sent me in return: “I don’t care. I’m at my friends house writing that essay and I’m not coming home till you read it.”

I think you would have seen steam coming out of my ears if you saw me. I started preparing to go talk to the school the next day. I sent a few angry texts to my son that he didn’t answer. I got the article out of the trash so I could take it into the school and get this teacher fired. My anger got a little out of control and while I was sitting there fuming and planning what to do, I got another text from my son that said “Just emailed it. Love, Jacob.”

My son’s name is not Jacob, and it took me a minute to realize that he was talking about your friend Jacob in your article. And when I realized that I suddenly started shaking in fear and anger at what he might be telling me. I started out of control crying because I couldn’t handle having a gay son and what if that’s what he was trying to tell me? After a long time I finally got the courage to go look at my email and see what he had sent. And this is what he wrote.

“I am gay and only my one friend knows so far. My mom doesn’t know yet. My dad doesn’t know yet. You didn’t know it when you gave us this homework. I am only 15 years old and I have never felt so alone. My mom and dad always are being angry about gay people and talking about how they are bad and going to hell and they also always talk about how all the gays should be shipped off to their own private island or something so that the rest of us could live God’s commandments in peace.

I have been so scared of them finding out that I’m gay because I know that they would hate me and would want me out of their life and at the same time I can’t keep this secret anymore because it is not something I asked for, never in a million years would I ask to be gay in a town like this where everybody would hate me. And anyways I can’t keep this secret anymore because I’m about to do something crazy like run away or hurt myself or something. I just want to be dead sometimes.

And then you gave us the assignment to write this essay for our homework and I read it like ten times I even skipped lunch and just kept reading it in the bathroom and by the time I went home I decided that maybe I am only 15 years old but maybe this town will change if I can be honest about who I am and maybe my family will change if I can be honest about who I am with them too. I don’t see why I don’t deserve love just like everyone else. I see some crazy stuff that so many people do and people still love them but for some reason everybody around here thinks its ok to hate gays and stuff. And I don’t know really I think I just realize that I don’t want to be Jacob in ten years and still live my life in secret and scared of being hated.

So I go home and I tell my mom to read this handout you gave us and she got so mad at me and started going crazy about how evil gays are and how all of this was just the devil spreading his work and everything else she said. But this time I just got mad myself and I got so mad because I suddenly realize that this is the woman that my whole life made me go to church where they talk about love just like the writer said but she and every other person I pretty much know just hate so many people especially gay people. So I got madder and madder and madder and then I snuck out and came to my friends house to write this essay because its time to stop letting people’s hate stop me from being happy. I mean should I really have to hate my life and want to die because other people are so hating?

And I don’t know what will happen but I am done playing like I’m something I’m not and if my parents don’t love me anymore because of this then I realize that’s not my problem and it will hurt but not as much as the way I hurt right now. I feel like if my mom and dad would just think about things they’d realize that what they always say and how they always hate gays is not what Jesus would do and maybe there is a chance that they will some day love me like Jesus would. I am their kid afterall.

Tonight I am going to send this to my mom and see what she says I guess. I don’t know what will happen but I know that I deserve to be loved just like everybody else does I just hope she thinks so too.”

Obviously you can imagine the emotions and thoughts that were going through my head when I read that…I started crying and couldn’t stop for the longest time. I don’t know why I was crying exactly, just so many emotions came over me. I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I finally stopped and went and read your article once more only this time I tried to read it through my son’s eyes and the whole thing was so different than it was a couple hours before. By the time I finished I felt as big as an ant and I realized just how much hatred I have in my heart toward others.

You see, Mr. Pearce, you are right. It’s not about what other people do. It’s about whether or not we are loving them. Nothing else matters at all. And it took all of this for that to finally sink in.

I texted my son back that I loved him and left it at that. He came home that night and didn’t try to talk to me about it, I just told him I loved him at least ten times that night and made sure not to talk about anything else. My love for him was the only thing I wanted him to feel and I knew he’d talk to me about it when he was ready.

That was a month ago and in the last month my son and I (his dad lives three states away and still doesn’t know) have grown much closer than we ever were before. We have both stood up against hate several times when we hear it coming from the people around us. You see, where we live people really do have problems “being Christian unless…” But no longer in this home.

I’ve shared your article now with countless people. I have made my sisters read it. I talked about its message to my parents. I sent it to my friends and neighbors. And I’ve had some people get really upset by it, but a change is starting to happen around here and it’s because one teenage boy finally had the courage to stand against what he felt was wrong. He believed he could make a change. And I’ll tell you right now, it makes me happy to see him so happy. I never knew how unhappy he was until I could finally see how happy he could be.

So thank you. I know this is long, but I thought you’d like to know what your article has done in this little town we live in. And it’s just the beginning.

Sincerely yours, one proud mom.


If you think you can’t make a difference, you are wrong. If you think you are too old or too young to make change happen, you are wrong. If you think that somebody else will do it first, you are wrong. I think this letter is proof enough of that.

PS. Feel free to share this page on Facebook or any other social networking site so that everyone knows it’s time to love instead of hate.

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Bully – The movie that the entire world is urged to see



Anyone not affected by the bullying epidemic is a sociopath.

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