If Madonna were President what would she do? She responded on Facebook then quickly jetted to the UMF Miami club!

Today, live on Facebook with Jimmy Fallon, Madonna was asked what she would do if she were President.  She said she would take all the money away from self defense and put it into schools and education.  Teachers don’t get paid enough.

She also said she would allow all states to approve same sex gay marriage.

She also calls on Quentin Tarantino to direct “Gang Bang”. She’s got the idea to set it in a hotel. All he has to do is show up with a camera.  The song was written after being inspired by his movies with strong women such as “Kill Bill” and “Death Proof.”

If you missed the live chat click here

Madonna quickly jetted to Miami for the biggest outdoor night club for UMF!  The crowd roared when she walked on stage as it was a surprise.  The DJ mixed her song “Girl Gone Wild” to the jumping crowd.

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