Dharun Ravi is found guilty of invasion of privacy

Dharun Ravi is found guilty of invasion of privacy.  This kind of behavior is no longer funny or being tolerated in the eyes of the law.

Dharun Ravi, now 20, is accused of viewing a few seconds of his roommate’s intimate encounter with another man in their dorm room and telling people about it in text messages, tweets and in person.  He faces years in prison if convicted of charges including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime.  The young man that was his roommate, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide after the event.

It is a sad situation for all including Dharun Ravi who isn’t typically a bully and certainly didn’t expect all this.  He was simply ignorant and didn’t know any better.  Something tells me he knows much better now.  If he’s sentenced to 10 years in prison he’ll face deportation back to India.  His life is essentially over, but so is Tyler Clementi’s.

Calling suicide a selfish act is the not thought out point of view. You’re only seeing the surface, but not delving deeper into something that is actually a very serious matter whether you think so or not. Suicide is not a selfish act, but its an act of internal desperation. They’ve lost the will to live in a world that is full of ugliness, hate and negativity. There is no support from those around them. They need assistance, counseling, positive support and role models around them. Some even need prescribed medication. These are people who are afraid to reach out or have reached out and didn’t get the proper assistance they need.

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