“The Dirty” is a website bathed in teen cyber bullying

Cyber Bully Victim Speaks Out; How To Fight The Problem

By Susanne Brunner

It’s called “The Dirty,” and one Salinas teen says the website is a new type of cyber bullying that takes to a whole new level.  You may not know about the site, but there’s a good chance your kids know about it, and it’s something you’ll want to see.

One teenager from North Salinas High School reached out to Central Coast News saying she’s a victim of “The Dirty.”  At first it may just look like another gossip site, but the student said it’s a lot more than that and it’s ruining her life.  She didn’t want to be identified, the reason being, anyone on the Central Coast, anyone with internet access across the world, can see her picture and nasty comments about her on the dirty.

“Some kids, when I’m in class, will make remarks and say the website’s name and they’ll cough it and go ‘oh the dirty’,” said the cyber bully victim.

Anyone can send pictures or nasty comments to the website’s operator, and because it’s freedom of speech, there’s not much anyone can do about it.  The comments are so bad, we can’t even show or say most of them.  It’s most certainly nothing you would want your 15-year-old son or daughter called.  The other problem is a lot of adults don’t even know this site exists.  Salinas Police and North Salinas High are investigating the situation.

Sites like “The Dirty” take cyber bullying to a whole new level.  And while California law says you must have someone’s permission to post their name or picture on the web, there’s not much that can be done if someone wants to make you a victim.

While there are millions of cyber bullying victims, there aren’t many places to turn to for help.  So this Salinas teen turned to a TV movie called “Cyber Bully.”

“Who wants to lose their daughter or their son to cyber bullying? The movie was really  inspiring and made me think that if I see something like this I’m going to be like hey cut that out,” said the cyber bully victim.

The reason why she reached out to Central Coast News is because she wanted to shed light on the issue and to help combat bullying.


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