Are Kirk Cameron and Dr. Michael L. Brown ‘accomplices to murder’? The answer is yes.

Is Kirk Cameron ‘an accomplice to murder’?

Dr. Michael L. Brown doesn’t think so. Of course he’s wrong. DEAD WRONG. I’m also going to go with that he doesn’t support same sex marriage or like homosexuals all that much, because the odds of him supporting it and saying something so dangerous are very slim.

He’s calling this the latest ‘accomplice to murder’ charge by gay activists which also shows how ignorant he is. Where did he get his pathetic doctor degree anyway? The school of dumb ass?

Most people are not gay activists even when they support same sex marriage and equate anyone that spews vile hatred towards another group. We call those people human beings with compassion toward their fellow man. We call them walking in the footsteps of the real Jesus Christ.

Some of the excerpts Dr. Michael L. Brown dangerously charges:

“It’s one thing to be called an intolerant bigot. It’s another thing to be called “an accomplice to murder,” but that’s the latest charge being raised by gay activists and their allies — and it needs to be exposed for what it is: an outrageous lie.”
“The backlash was immediate and intense (surprise again!)” He writes.

Interesting that Dr. Michael L. Brown that he hoped that people wouldn’t come to the aid of those that were being attacked by ugly people like Kirk Cameron. They prefer that everyone just shut up and let them continue attacking people who just want to be left alone. What a wacky world!

This doctor poorly attempts to debunk the myth that Kirk Cameron and Pastor Rick Warren are killing gays. He doesn’t know how the world works. People like Dr. Michael L. Brown and Kirk Cameron are definitely responsible for the abuse of gays. They are contributing to violence by spreading the word of violence against another group. They are saying it’s okay to do that because we have freedom of speech and you shouldn’t like these people. You’d think this idiot doctor would’ve learned something with all his years on this planet.

Dr. Michael L. Brown, Kirk Cameron and Pastor Rick Warren are responsible for contributing anti-gay rhetoric to the masses and thus causing a plague of gay suicides and killings. But you don’t expect a murderer to step forward and graciously admit that do you?

They are the monsters of society.  They want us to sit still and shut up while they berate and harass innocent people.

One day those people with that kind of hate in their hearts will be no more. The world is changing and people are stepping up with compassion to defend loving human beings against those who falsely represent God. This is actually great news when people like Dr. Michael L. Brown and Kirk Cameron speak out against other people, because someone new has had enough of it steps up and speaks out in defense of them. In this case, homosexuals are gaining more and more acceptance and strength by a new person everyday and that just pisses those other losers off!

We will continue to work to stop them all from their cruelty.

“Kirk Cameron says his gay friends support him after he ripped their lifestyle in a recent interview.” By Kurt Schlosser. “The rule of thumb this week appears to be that if you don’t have anything nice to say, say it a lot on the radio, TV or Twitter.”

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