Beautiful poem posting by Thomas “T.J.” Lane

Beautiful dark poem posting by Thomas “T.J.” Lane.

“In a quaint lonely town, sits a man with a frown. No job. No family. No crown.  His luck had run out.  Lost and alone.  

So, to the castle he proceeds, like an ominous breeze through the trees.  ‘Stay back!’ The Guards screamed as they were thrown to their knees.  ‘Oh God, have mercy, please!'”

He did not commit suicide, but instead went on a shooting rampage at his Ohio High School, killing and injuring several.  His actions were not so beautiful.

Students at his high school say that he was “shy and targeted by bullies” and yet the schools, government and parents all did nothing as usual.   What will it take to wake them up?

The psychologist is a joke using stereotypes to find out why this happened.  No, his postings were not signs of disaster, his postings were poetic.  If they were signs of disaster or doom someone would have addressed it a long time ago. Don’t wait until after the event to look back in hindsight.  His postings showed nothing but an eloquent kid.  This would’ve been anyone’s first thought had he done gone a shooting rampage.

Lonely? Who isn’t lonely? There are millions of people with an abusive parent and they manage to get through life without killing anyone so that’s also not a telling sign. They all got nothing on this kid and no concrete sign that he would do what he was going to do. It’s all stereotyping and speculation as usual.  Wow sometimes I wonder how these psychologist get their degrees.

The bottom line is this goes right back to the schools, government and parents who still do nothing to stop bullying or troubled teens.

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