Dude 101 – The Sex App excerpt

The Sex App

One of the greatest and worst technological inventions is the Sex App.  This is what I’m going to call it to keep it anonymous.  It markets itself as a buddy finder, but it’s a hook up finder.

It is what you make of it and the majority of users have made it into a sleazy mobile application.  When I began my research and downloaded the application I found 141 messages waiting for me by the end of the day.  Half of them said, “Hey.”  This assisted me in narrowing it down by deleting and blocking those.  If a guy can’t take the time to construct a proper sentence to me, then it’s not worth my time.  Time is something I value preciously.  I ended up blocking 73 people in under a week.  That number rose by the end of my investigation.

There will be dudes that benefit from the Sex App, but whether they’ll meet someone worthy of their time that can grow into a healthy relationship is hugely questionable and doubtful.  Those that will get a great benefit from it are those that don’t know any better and lack any real drive.  It’s a boredom application for the gays.  It’s for those that are looking for sex.  If this is why you’re using it, then you’ll be in Heaven as there should be no problem finding a hook up and for this I would highly recommend it.  You may not find the greatest lay on there, but you’ll get your tool worked on or a nice ass pounding depending on which side you flip.

As for dating and relationships, this is on there as the worst place to find him.  There are decent people wherever you go, but the truth is if you’re looking for a strong put together man, he will not be hanging on it.  The guy is too productive to bother and has too much dignity to reduce himself to the level of hanging on a used meat rack.

The majority of guys that messaged me began with a simple salutation.  By message two or three they had already sent me a photo of their cock, ass, chest or any other relevant body part in hopes of enticing to me follow the scent.  Half of them asked if they could give me a blowjob. Some guys offered to pay me to suck on my cock.  I politely ignored them.

The Sex App has taken the dating game to a lower level of connecting.  It would appear that this clever app would be a brilliant invention and on the surface it is.  Where else can you find an app that shows you what gay guys are closest to you at that moment?  You can choose to engage in meaningless one or two worded banter back and forth a few times.  Eventually decide whether they’re relevant enough to go and meet a block away or at your place for some hooking up.   Want to get laid?  Then that’s the application for you.  Calling it the ‘buddy finder’ is misleading when it should be called the ‘fuck finder.’  The developer and founder of the sex app came on to me as well.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less.  He was quick and to the point.  I banned and blocked him in the end.

One of the main problems I found with the application was that out of all the people that contacted me, not one was significant enough to peak my interest in meeting for anything.  Not even the ones with the photos of their flawless torsos.  The guys on the application showed me that they couldn’t tell the difference between quality and quantity anyway.   Everything is what you make it and if this is what has been made of it, then the truth is telling in the kinds of relationships that can be formed with one another.

Final Review: Looking for some handsome stud that you can one day marry?  He won’t be on the Sex Application.

Looking to fuck?  Then you can catch him on there.  The Sex App is the quickest way to HIV.  Why do I need a boyfriend when I can find yours on the Sex App.

If you live in a small town and you’ve been isolated for years, this application may work in your favor.  That way you can meet the other six gay people in your area and form a friendship (or more).  Everywhere else where there are more guys than you can keep track of, the application is a waste of valuable time that ultimately leads to getting into your pants even by those that insist that its not what they’re looking for.  They’re the worst offenders as they’re leading you with deception.

The younger gay generations who are looking to be accepted by their peers will be gravely misled and disappointed to find it to be all about sex, rather than relationships based on substance.  The app is aimed at the intellectually retarded and socially incompetent.

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