God, Heaven & Angels on Homosexuality

Q: What do the angels (and heaven) say about homosexuality?

There answer was and is (dictated, but not read):

“A: This question pertains to the question of what is right and wrong, and we shall focus instead upon—as you humans put it—“inalienable rights.”  These include your right to choose and make decisions free of barriers and restrictions.  More than a right, this a need to overcome barriers and be limitless and free.  This is as true with your speech as it is with the nature of your sexual orientation.

The human origin began when human beings first seeded the idea of conscious independence into their mind-field.  This sparked the origination of the idea of planets and locales where they would be free to explore their conscious universe.  When humans first landed upon this great planet, they were not accustomed to taking control over their lives to such a degree.  So, they built in certain dependencies that were of their own invention.  And thus, they restricted themselves with regulations and rules.  These were created due to humans’ inherent distrust of their own inner guidance system.

The bodies that you possess are part of this massively contained experiment, in which humans seek to counter their independence with the mastery of their free will. As such, they inadvertently restrict themselves by pouring their soul into a container, which is the body, and then running about with focus on maintaining that body.  Such exertion is a distraction from the central point of the essence of one’s being, the mighty love within.

You, who are love Divine, cannot withstand a steady focus away from the awareness of love.  Yet, when confusion reigns over the source of your emptiness, you seek to fulfill it with the body.  Thus, you turn to needs of the appetite to fulfill yourself.  However, the body’s satiation is always temporary, while the soul’s is always assured and eternal.

That is why we do not involve ourselves directly in the nature of your sexuality and other appetites, except to the degree that they distract your attention from the Divine love that eternally resides within you and all beings.  When your appetite creates barriers for love’s gate, there will we intervene, first with gentle reminders about the nature of happiness, then with more specific reminders about your Heavenly home.  Shame and guilt are not in our vocabulary, yet your own ego haunts you with these unloving conditions.  You, who are entirely built upon a foundation of love, though could hardly withstand anything that is unloving for too long.

The nature of your sexual orientation, therefore, is the least of our concerns.  Our central message to you is essential to your present level of happiness:  You are already a Divine being of God.  No improvement is needed or necessary to achieve that state.  No one and no thing can eradicate your holy inheritance as God’s sons and daughters.  What you make of your awareness of your existence, however, is entirely of your own choosing.  You do have the right to create any level of existence that you desire-whether it is one of persecution, shame, or guilt; or whether it is an existence of service and devotion to the Light within.  Our role is essentially to stand before you and behind you, sheltering you from self-made storms should you call for our help.  We could never cease to love you, not now or ever.  Built out of, and upon, Diving love, we are clear in our knowledge of who we are in relationship to your holy selves: one with our infinite Creator, Who is God eternal.”

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